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why it is so hard to let go of control & trust lifes unfolding



Every time I think now I learnt my lesson, but still keep on resisting the life the way it unfolds. I am sure God must be pulling his hair and thinking to himself when will she learn. how many times he has to show me that whatever is happening in my life is for my benefit, so stop resisting & go with flow. its silly sometimes how some small inconvenience in my life will make me upset, though given time & with my nagging family members to make adjustment to my small inconvenience. & it turns out to be even better option than before. I have seen this so many times that it feels even odd to mention. I am just writing t remind myself & follow my own advice of going with flow & trusting higher power that something bigger & better will come out of this.


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Asha, you are so like me. You don't just think about something you put it into a blog so you can look at it and see if it makes sense. Good luck with finding the pace of the your life's flow again. I keep having to do that, adjust my pace to the pace of life and not keep trying to run on ahead.


Plan some fun for summer and your mood with improve.



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I tell myself all the time "I'm so happy to be doing what I can and this wife is still with me after 16 years". The longest I ever been married in four tries. So I'm so happy for just having life to enjoy with this wife.


Like now I must put three different drops in my eye every 2 hours and she stayed home from church to attend to me. I guess I'm saying think of the good things happening in your life instead of what you can't do yourself. It bothered you trying to get the clothes down to the basement to the washing machine. You probably wanted to take them down all at once.


So don't let the little things get to you anymore do what and how you want to anyway YOU can with what you got left after the stroke. Think, I got more life with my family daily and that is good for me! And they got you! Think of Good Things all the time, OK??

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it's hard for me to make changes which good for me. But, thinking it over, I operated about them same for 52 years before my stroke (being a little kid doesn't count) but I didn't subtract those years. Anyhow, you get the jist!!

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Asha: I come from this from the Caregiver's side. I was just talking tonight of the "Infinite Optimisim". I push, get the road block, sit back and push again. Honey, you never "accept" because that is to accept defeat. Its OK if the outcome is the same. Point is you tired, found out it wasn't time yet, but never give up. You go girl! Life is a journey. Debbie

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