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Happy Mothers Day Every one



Hope you all are having great mothers day with your kids, I feel so blessed to have amazing kido even being teenager woke me up with kiss & hug in the morning & man my day already started with wonderful note & feeling like queen mom. He was like what do you want or breakfast mom & I was floored. I am so happy & greatful to be able to be still here even after stroke & enjoy seeing him growing into such a wonderful young man. Ofcourse there are some days when he won't listen & make me so angry, but thank god I got the maturity that these days will pass too. I still have letter written to God about please take care of him on those angry days lol. anyways hope you all are having great mothers day like I am having with my family.




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Thanks Asha, it was a good Mother's Day for me and I managed to surprise my wife with an unexpected gift! You and all the other women here, survivors and care givers alike, are wonderful mothers and thank God we got you all in our lives. Where would we be without all of you????

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