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four agreements



I am reading this great book four agreement by some spiritual author, its great read. It talks about how following these simple 4 rules you can create heaven right here on earth & end almost all suffering. his first rule is be impeccable with your words. what you think & tell yourself creates lot of suffering. I know this for fact. his second rule is don't take anything personally. people will say things without meaning it & if you take it personally you make it your reality, and add to your suffering. third rule is assume nothing I guess I have mastered this rule since I am never afraid to ask questions till I understand fully. I know sometimes it drives kido mad at me. but I strongly feel when you assume you make ass out of u and me so better ask. and his last rule is always do your best, I guess if you don't assume & always do your best then there are no regrets whatever will be will be, atleast you know you have done your best




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