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Update on my exciting life.....or not



I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I posted anything. So much has happened and I had intended on posting at least once a week, but you can see how that went. My daughter and I visited my brother in the hospice house, very nice place. His skin was yellow and he looked pretty bad. But we spent a couple of hours, got to see one of my nephews. I took an old picture album and we looked at that and even laughed. That was almost 2 wks. ago. I had stopped calling him, after he moved in there, but I talked to his wife last week and she said please don't stop calling, because he worries that something is wrong. So I have started talking with him again. He can't talk for very long, he's very medicated, but at least I can hear his voice.


Last week was not a good one for mom. I even thought that maybe she had had another stroke. She was so lethargic, confused and I couldn't understand her at all. She also was dry most of the day, very unusual. Finally, they did a urine analysis. The report came back today, bacteria in the urine, so they started Macrobid. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were great. She was alert and in a very good mood. Her speech was wonderful. But she was still complaining of a pain in her side. I have been report ing that for about 3 weeks now. Yesterday she had an episode of explosive diarrhea before I got there and today she had another while I was there. I've called the doc 2 times and left a message to have him call me, but nothing. It's so frustrating trying to get someone to listen Mom does have diverticulosis, so this may just be a flare-up. But she also had colon CA, so this is kind of in the back of my mind. The mentality is...they're old, they're going to die anyway So very frustrating.


Tomorrow is the appt. with the neurologist that I had to reschedule last month. Hopefully, she will be in a good mood and won't have any explosions on the way there. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, that in itself will help.


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yes it is frustrating --but the sad part is when mom has UTI's it has a element of pain to it, and that bacteria as dan found out can become deadly --- an ignored UTI can go septic... so keep on advocating for mom- your are doing a terrific job !! with a awful lot of stress in your life... running around putting out fires so to speak.... your a good daughter and great sister !!!!

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i was just thinking the same Joni. You are a good daughter and a great sister. I know what it is like to have two people to visit in two different nursing homes and it runs you ragged. But you go on because you love them both and don't want to have regrets when the fight is over.


You are adviocating for your Mum and that is all you can do, the doctors see so many elderly patients I guess we all sort of merge into one image in the end. I just hope that if it is serious they take action.



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I hate thos diarrhea episodes. It is downright unnerving to have to worry about then when you are out and about.

I hope that your Mom's visit to the doctor goes without problems.



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