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Sad Week



I guess May is not going to be a month in my family that we ever look forward to. My sisters husband died on May 4th about 7 years ago, Mike had his stroke on May 5th last year and now May 6th my sweet niece died. She was only 32 but had battled a life with cerebral palsy. She was the only survivor of triplets. My Brother and sister in law decided many years ago not to have any other children so that they may focus all their attention on Shannon. She was their life. It has been a very hard thing for them as I know the house feels empty without her. I know in my heart and mind that she is in a much better place with a beautiful new body, no pain, running and singing with the angels but I grieve for my Brother. Please keep my family in your prayers as we make this huge adjustment in our lives. She was our rainbow in the midst of a storm. Love and Peace to you all!


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So sorry Cat. You and your family are in my prayers. You know that she is in a better place now and not suffering.



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Cindy - you and your family especially your brother and sister in law are in all our prayers at this very difficult time... I have a girlfriend who has much the same senerio - They also had tripletts and only one survived and she suffers from cerebal palsy.. but pam ( my friend) has other children as well , but at this juncture - everyone is grown now and pam devotes most all of her time and effort to caring for josett... I can see what a big loss any child is much less your only child... Prayers... nancyl

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Prayers daily from me to you Cindy, your brother and S-I-L, a mom now in a deep grieving mode, and for your niece Shannon in her home going to be with the Lord to have a glorious time in His presents! I also pray that her mom can start to accept and understand God's will that has been done, Amen!


I pray for Mikes comfort in his stroke recovery and him trying to do his best in comforting you, his beloved wife, have mercy Jesus!

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Cindy: my thoughts and prayers to all of you. You know that. Think of the gifts she gave you. The celebration of her life, as difficult as it was. Her remarkable tribute to her siblings. Bruce and I did that with Britt. She was not our own, but we chose not to have children so we could give her everything she needed. Like your niece, she never let us down.


God kept her with us for her message. Find your peace in knowing that she fulfilled her gift of life. A wonderful tribute. Debbie

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Prayers from me too, for peace and acceptance. I cannot imagine losing an adult child, it must be completely heartbreaking. And one you have been full-time caregiver for even more so.


Your brother and SIL will need a lot of family support and I know you will be able to give them that.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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