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Car Shopping!!!



Mike and I have two vehicles both which are very inconvenient when it comes to riding more than two people at a time in them. He has a quad cab Ford Ranger pickup and I have an Isuzu Amigo which is only two door and is also a stick shift. He has, since the stroke and the wedding where he met a large portion of my family, become a lot more family oriented. He wants to take trips and take my son and his wife places with us which is not an easy task with the vehicles that we now own. Well after much consideration we decided to sell my car for as much as we could and use the money to buy a fairly decent used car instead of trading it in on a new on due to the fact that payments on a car would just add to our already tight budget. We decided to try and find a nice used Toyota Camry or Corolla and so we set out on the search........... may i remind you he is a little head strong when it comes to things he wants so if he decides on something it is pretty much impossible to change it! LOL We were looking in the classifieds where we found several Toyota's well within our price range when I happened across a Cadillac Deville! He said "OH Wow my mom use to have one of those and it drives like a dream!!!!! Well from that point on there were no more Toyota's in the conversation and today we are suppose to go try out the Cadillac!!! Way too big for my tastes but WE CAN PUT 6 PEOPLE IN IT WITH NO PROBLEM!!!!!! LOL! Gotta love my man!!!! Hope all is well with everyone and God Bless!!


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Wow, that was an about turn. I think I need to teach you a saying that I found handy: "We have a plan honey, we have to stick to the plan." Ray would sometimes do the same thing so I used to phrase to keep our budget on track. But if you are happy with the car...and you can afford the gas...go for it.

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Cindy :


we have big fan of toyota cars in its reliability. I have used only toyotas since I started driving, I find them most reliable. I know now all cars have improved so whatever you decide it will be great family car. Enjoy.



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Guest lwisman


Car shopping is a good idea. Several years ago I decided to replace my old car because it was not user friendly for someone who had a stroke. I made a list of what was important and used it to select a different car. I have been very happy with it. I am sure that whatever you chose that will work for you in your situation will be the correct decision. Go for it!

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i am a big fan of toyota as well... mini van ??? i can hear mike -- argh.. but i would be open to one, at least give it a try... the right height, lots of storage, ect...... the deville the only thing i know expensive to fix..... my thoughts...

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Cat: would not have been my first choice, of course. But if Mike must have it, no reasoning with him and it is within your budget, go for it. I will concur with you, there is no ride like it!


I have cousins in upstate New York, just south of Montreal - so tough winters. Both of them are linemen for the power company. Four wheel drive or All wheel drive a must, but a good seven years ago, hubby fell in love with a Caddy. He is a big guy, so I can certainly appreciate wanting a comfortable ride. She needles him to this day about it - LOL, but he has never missed work, never gotten stuck and now that they are into retirement, are traveling in it. I can onlly imagine such luxury. And with all you have to bring with you, nice to have the room - no cramped vehicle; easy in and out for Mike. Do let us know. Debbie

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Good luck with the car buying. Be careful of those dealers! lol

We went to one car a couple years ago and haven't missed the other one. I now have more room to get Larry out in the garage plus we save more money.



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Well we did it we bought the caddy! We actually found one that was a repo and got it for a great price! We drove it to NC Memorial day weekend and was shocked to see that we actually got close to 25 miles to the gallon in it! That is on the hwy and it seems to be getting very good around town also. Complete surprise to me! I love it and Mike can ride sooooo much easier in it!

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