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Video Chat



I wish they would incorparate a video chat on this site. They have it on facebook! Maybe that is something you guys higher up can check into. Wouldn't it be great to be able to see each other face to face? Just a thought.


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Cindy, as this site is run with donations and fund-raising unless we have a sponsor for video chat I guess that is off the agenda. As it is we are fortunate to have Survivor chats, Newbie chats and Caregiver chats thanks to our wonderful volunteers who make that possible. It would be nice if more people took advantage of what is available but maybe some are too shy to do chats at all.


You're all welcome to join us anytime. Come on in and make new friends and talk away - vent and get this straight in your mind, encourage and inspire, share knowledge, exchange information and learn more about what you are coping with and how others do it. It is a win win situation.



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