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DR update



Went to the doctors and had blood tests and chest xrays done and they even did an ekg on me. All came out normal but blood tests showed some inflamation so they have me going to see a breathing doctor. I wont see him until June 11th. I will let everyone know how that goes. They dont think that I have any lung problems but every now and then I still have trouble catching my breath. Cayden is doing good this holiday season. He has his friends from down the street come to our house every day and he has even met 2 new friends that live kiddy corner from us and him and his sister go to their house every now and then but we have to keep him pretty medicated so he can play outside, He is allergic to all neutotoxins and it affects his attitude and we keep a water bottle on him at all times because he gets over heated and his sister is getting really good at reading his moods and giving him cold drinks when she thinks he is getting too hot. This is his sisters first summer with him so she has to get to know her brother in the summertime. He loves to be outside but he is allergic to tree pollen and dust and those along with mold affect his attitude toward others.

We dont know when we are going to go to Florida to visit family but we do have some plans to go to Dollywood and a few other attractions. Me and Donnie want to take the kids to some haunted houses but are worried about the kids because Cayden can talk to ghosts and dont want to freak him out, But right now we are taking it one day at a time and doing what Cayden wants to do and right now until he gets bored of the kids down the street we are staying home so he can play with them.


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Dyan, we parents give up a lot for our kids and that is the way it should be. Enjoy your summer at your place, take some breaks when Caybden is happy and busy and doesn't need your close attention. I hope you get that visit to family in soon. Sue.

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Sounds great and nothing to be worried about and Cayden is himself as usual. It's good he has a few playmates stopping by and he is happy!

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