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Summer Vacation



We will be taking Cayden to Florida next month depending on how my doctors apt goes on monday, I have been having trouble catching my breath and I even quit smoking for the most part. Please pray that my trouble breathing is just my new meds they put me on and not anything more serious. Cayden is freaking out that when he wakes up tomorrow or any other day I will be dead. It is taking us longer and longer to put him to sleep like tonight it took me almost 2 hours to get him to go to sleep. I let him tell me how he felt and we talked about dying and being in heaven and he told me its ok if God has to take mommy home as long as God sends mommy back to earth as his very own angel. I told him if I were to die before he grew up I would ask God to send me down as his angel. Cayden then ask me how I prayed when I died. So it took us a half hour to talk about that and how if I died then I would see God and what surprised me was he asked me if God was "cloned" where did he pick that up? I told him I was not God and I didnt know everything and he said I did know everything down on earth and named all the things I did know and said "see mom you do know everything" Kids are so cute arent they. I will hate to see him turn into a teenager where it goes from me knowing everything to me knowing absolutely nothing and him knowing everything. I am going through that right now with my daughter.

Well I best get off here and I will let all know how things go after mondays apt.


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Oh Dyan, hope you find out what is causing the breathing problem and get to have your lovely holiday down in Florida. Cayden is just at an age to worry so I hope the problem he has sleeping eases too for your own peace of mind.


Kids are just so interested in life and the "why" questions never cease. With my six year old grandson Alex I have to be real careful with my answers when he is around as his parents have differing views to my own. Tell Cayden he is precious to God and God loves him as you do. Best of luck with your daughter going through the teenage years, I well remember those days with my own three. Loving them is all we can do.

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Well my prayers shall be with you and all problems with you breathing can be solved soon. I never smoked, I did drink socially at the Poker table with the guys but never a habit situation.


I bet Cayden is praying for you too he really wants to go to Florida next month. I can't blame him because Florida trips are so much fun just be careful for the crooks there trying to make a quick dollar.

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Dyan I hope you all get to take that much needed vacation. My prayers are with you and Cayden. Take care of yourself.



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Dyan :


you will be in my prayers for getting solution & quick recovery for your breathing problem. you got nice relationship with cayden. enjoy every day kids griw up way too fast.



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