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Well today started Caydens summer vacation and he is already bored stiff. His sister is still in school so she is gone all day and all his friends are still in school so he cant go visit them. We have started taking him to museums and finding new ways to keep him occupied until his sister comes home from school. She still has a whole month before she is out for summer.

If anyone has any ideas how to keep Cayden occupied please comment



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When I have my two grandsons here aged five and six I set up a circuit, so I have the trampoline, swing and slippery dip out the back, the sandpit and wheeled toys on the front verandah and the painting set and plenty of paper in the living area. We do each activity for twenty minutes. Then I put th paints away and get out the cars and the mat they go on. Then we play ball outside. If they start to get bored we go for a walk. It keeps them busy and tires me out.


Does Cayden like horses or farm animals, is there somewhere you can sit and watch them? Can you drive to where there are wetland birds? I like to take my grandsons for a walk along the Lake about ten minutes drive from here, I can fill in an hour there or two if I take a picnic lunch. I do insist they sit still for lunch so that allows me to rest too.


Maybe you can design a special project for something like summer school, like an environmental project on where you live? Draw a large map and fill it in as you do activities like a visit to the firestation? It is all work for you of course but if it keeps him happy too it would be worth it.



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Dyan :


Sue has great suggestions. I usually sign up our son in different kind of camps.ofcourse how he is older so he has his own things to do.



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WOW, school is out early there and I think it's out here early June. When I was in grade school 60 years ago we got out in May, Cinco de Mayo which was May 5th. Well you will have plenty company for a while around the house.


Along with what Sue said, if you have a little tent you can erect, him helping, he can be in the yard playing camping. If you had that little money and coin finder they sell at Radio Shack he could find all the coins next to the driveway that has been dropped by you and others while reaching for their keys. Then in the house in the big chairs and the couch where people sit and money come out the pockets. That's like a treasure hunt.

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