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apparently the seizures will continue



i do know now -- it seems the seizures will continue for Dan i didnt write about it sooner because although they are life threatning they unfortunatley have become status quo... dan had another grand mal on the thursday AM in CT at the foxwood casino -- luckily we were in our hotel room.. no antecedent just BAM -- hello seizure... the meds have not eliminated the seizures , and while they seem to continue ( on schedule) -- every 2-3 months -- they are still grand mal ( for sure) no mistaking those-- but he is able to get breaths in.. so he doesent go gray with every seizure... this was the first time Blain our youngests ( Beth) boyfriend seen one... i am glad he has now-- so if sometime he is with dan he knows what to expect and what to do... support his position and wait it out, make sure he doesent get hurt -- but dont move him unless absolutely necessary... i just knda held dan in his chair and kept his airway clear... so there is a little CLUNK in the vacation-- the good? -- Ray showed his concern and wouldnt leave Dan till he knew for certain he was OK... Dan and Ray such a pair .. like all of us they got into a few squables and once i misinterpeted dans punch on rays arm as aggressive, but colleen knew dan was trying to cheer up ray ( and they do this vice versa) anyhow - i sent Beth to sit inbetween them... LOL that is the limo pic that colleen will post at some time... the limo - complete accident ( for the good) -- crazy stuff happened all the time to us, but seemed to work itself out in the end pretty much everytime .... again colleen will narrate with such humor as opposed to my chicken scratch ( even with a computer LOL) nancyl


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Nancy: the best is that Dan's seizures can be managed and it did not ruin the vacation. And yes, if this is going to continue to happen, best all around know how you need and want it managed. Does he need rest or down time after Nancy?


So glad you are all home safe. It was a pleasure spending time with Blaine and Beth - two very special teenagers, for sure. And yes, your North Dakota is a far cry from NYC. But it is also nice to explore new venues - all offer their own spice!


Hope down time is planned for a few days. Mind to your own health, missy! LOL Debbie

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I'm working on it!


Dan and Ray together are sort of amazing, so in tune. Ray has definitely learned to show compassion since the stroke; it was always there but he hid it well, as men tend to do. It's very touching to see his concern for others now. Ray and Dan are such peas in a pod, with the moods, and the humor, and the guy stuff. Despite the months apart, they picked up right where they left off.


Beth is an angel with Dan, which she proved by breaking up their fake fight in the limo. She is so wise for her years, yet still a teenager with lots of fun and laughs too. An old soul, for sure. She made things so much easier for me and Nancy this time around.

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crazy , crazy as colleen pointed out on a facebook post -- there was another hurricane while we were on the ship ( andrea) is that name right?? what are the chances ??? only in our world -- 2 trips/ together and both with hurricanes in the waters..... although sandy was a doozy ... on the ship andrea seemed to cause more motion-- i guess because couldnt hit the waves head on due to our course..at least thats what some one told me... ( you know the game -- the guy by the water fountain said ----) either way both blaine, erika and michel all at some point had to go get the shot for sea sickness... both colleen and i felt - unwell- but survived and dan just stayed in bed till the worst of it was over--- he had a aching day in the 2 weeks of our trip to NY and the cruise 14 days 4 were spent with dan-- aching -- and for the first day or so he was attempting to ruin the trip by the refusal game..

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Nancy: I did one cruise when I was 18 - way before Bruce. I grew up on the water. But our last day going into Miami, bad weather, boat rocking. We did try getting up to breakfast, but just took to our porter's advice - stay horizontal. It worked!


It is funny that Colleen talks about Ray's compassion because he showed such compassion and patience with Bruce. Dan and Bruce did great right off the bat, but Ray was so wonderful at lunch, when Bruce was taking out tables and Colleen was picking up and then the meal choice. Sometimes we don't see what the "boys" offer and give. How they respond.


If I could be guaranteed that I would have Dan and Ray at every outing for Bruce, I would not hesitate to go. My money was already on you and Colleen-no questions asked. But we worry about our charges. Debbie

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next time around -- toots -- you and bruce..... = something, fun and experimental.. !!! i will give you plenty of notice and will accept no excuses... it will happen...

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