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Dan , Ray , Colleen and I all doing OK in bermuda...



well our experiment of life is going pretty good... it has been hard work for all involved but we are here...


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This is what I call making every thing OK when as survivors and care givers alike you can have a little experiment to enjoy life together. I can imagine it was not easy getting all of you on the same page in Bermuda no less so enjoy this family break in the action.


If I remember there is a Casino there too so have tons of fun on the money machines. All of you needed this break in life's happenings!

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i summed it up replying to a friend on face book--- while maybe not total enjoyment for a trip , but it was experiencing life... it is incredibly hard to have total enjoyment of life when you worry constantly about the next bump in the terrain ( and admittedly the going was good but with dan the slightest bump can cause a nueropathic flareup) but the work of a shower, getting up, and painting a smile. on well -- you know.... its funny we all reveal ourselves here in this safe forum amongst others who understand-- but on Facebook we all smile and try to let the world think we are doing g--d ( cant use the four-letter G word)-- it is what it is..right ??

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Between the two of us, hopefully we can remember enough to recap all our highlights, plus unexpected glitches, and how we dealt with it all. My advice is, if you're going on a big trip, take Nancy along; talk about grace under pressure! We managed to turn all our negatives into big positives.


I am just going through my photos now, hopefully that will jog my memory. Came home to hear there was a hurricane turned tropical storm that blew through here a day or two before we returned, but luckily no trees down this time! However, it knocked out the router for my computer. I figured out how to get around that for the time being, with the help of my cable technician. I have been out of touch for two weeks now, while enjoying Nancy and family's in-person company. Back to virtual reality!

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hey you know what happened to me while we were gone the cats peed on the rug in the garage ... place stinks to high heaven also michels clothing got sprayed --- they let us know how upset they were with us for sure LOL.... washing up things and disposing of rug.... fun , fun.... it is a elderly cat who was the culprit she has been bitting my hand ( nibbling really) ever since i got home... animals got to love them...

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Cats are sort of sensitive, even though they seem like evil monsters sometimes. Our bratty girl waited until we got home, then at 5AM this morning leaped up and knocked the giant pot with the pine tree off its stand. Pounds of soil and cracked ceramic everywhere, not to mention the noise, nice way to wake up. Glad to know she missed us, though.

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