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doctor visits



Well first of all my birthday was pretty good. My cousin/bestfriend came to visit me so we went out to eat and shopping. The only part that sucked is she does not have a license so I had to do all the driving. My weekend turned sour when I went home for my appointment with my neurologist. I found out my mom was in the hospital because she was hemorrhaging. I almost lost my mom to colon cancer back in 99-2001. I took care of her when she was sick and she took care of me when I was sick. So it really hurt that I could not be there for her and I almost did not want to come back to Charlotte but I am just trying to have faith that my family will take care of her and her biopsy will come back okay. If you are reading this please say a prayer for her. I love my mom more than anything. I got really upset yesterday and Sunday but luckily I didn't have any seizures or anything.


I seen my neurologist yesterday. I confessed about the seizure I had on easter. I told him about waking up in the middle of the night on the floor. I told him about the episodes in my sleep and when I wake up. He does not think it is seizures either though. I explained to him everything but he said he can't tell what it is. He did think my keppra level was low though. My doctor here said it was okay because it was 12 but my neurologist think it is low. He put me on 750 mg 2x a day instead of the 550 mg 2x a day I have been on since November 2001. He wants to see how that works then if I am still having the "seizures", he will do an EEG. I wish he would've just done one while I was there. I don't understand why I even need to be on seizure medicine if the AVM was what was causing the seizures and I got the AVM removed.

He did tell me to see a sleep specialist and do a sleep test. I told him sometimes its hard to tell if I am having a seizure, if it is just sleep paralysis, or if it is just a nightmare and nothing is even happening to me. Hopefully seeing a sleep specialist neurologist here will bring more answers.


I went back to my foot doctor. They said my toenail is infected (duh!) I could've told them that when I went there a month ago. They want me to take lamisil since my cuticle is black and see if it clear up but they have to make sure my liver is okay first so I am waiting to get my blood results back.


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Sorry to hear about your mom but hope all goes well in her recovery and she gets back to being herself again. It's always good to catch things like that before it reaches the last stages and hard to cure in the body. Take care of your foot don't wait any longer until it's too late to repair it properly!

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prayers for your mom---- and i am so glad you talked to your doc about the seizure episodes... and now you know i probably isent seizure related.... that was a relief.... caution my dear -- do not take yourself off of keppra... that is a fairly wicked drug for some... and the fact it is working for you is great-- dont mess with it... the potential problem i see is you might siez because you are not on the drug , but stopping it alltogether could cause a seizure as well... and then if you need to go back on it this time around you might not do well on it.... i only speak of this drug cause it caused dan huge problems so i researched it, and he just was one of the people it isent good for... although it did control the seizures very well, but the other affects were unbearable. good luck trying to balance everythin is so very difficult but you are doing a excellent job..

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