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I got promoted!



I just wanted to share that I got my first promotion at my job! I have never been promoted before because I have always only worked temporary government jobs. I had to go through the whole application and interview process to get promoted so I am very proud of myself. Most of all I have only been there 6 months and I was picked over a co-worker that has been there for a year.


Sometimes I get frustrated with myself when I don't see someone standing at my desk waiting for help due to my loss of peripheral vision or when my left arm jumps (tries to attack) someone I didnt see rounding a book shelf corner as Im pushing a 50 pound book cart. But its always those moments when I double check the call number and realized I read it wrong and go back and put the book in the correct place, or those moments when I lift a heavy book and put it in a tiny place using one hand that someone with 2 hands was too lazy to do. Those moments remind me that I really am good at what I do.


Well this moment as I found out I was selected for the position was the best moment of all. My supervisor told me what a great worker I am. She really made me feel good and really bragged on me. Sometimes Im struggling turning curves with one hand pushing those heavy carts full of books. While my coworkers do multiple things at a time and can squat and stoop to get to those books at the bottom of the shelves, I have to do things differently. It is very intimidating when you are the only "disabled" worker at a job that requires so much physical activity and visual attentiveness.


So my promotion was like a milestone to me. It showed me that my weaknesses are also my strengths and it feels good to know that my hard work was noticed and appreciated and I finally got my reward. It also feels good to know that deep down inside I got promoted quicker than co-workers who act like they are better workers than me just because they've been there longer and can do things quicker.


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Katrina it's the job you do as you know how that gets you promoted in just about any job and not necessarily how long you been on board. Knowledge over longevity and your attendance counts most! You deserve a promotion in my mind with the struggles you made to be at work!


Before too long you won't look at yourself as disabled but just another employee! That's how I felt while I was at Walmart for three years using my scooter. I was just as much a Door Greeter (People Greeter) at the door, as the others in my mind!

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:congrats: katrina, this promotions should calm all chatter that goes in your brain about how you are less than some one or not good enough because you are disabled. I hope & pray you remember this day for long time & silence those bad thoughts with this great news. So proud of you. I tell about you to my son all the time. you are quite an inspiration.




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