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Some Pretty Funny Stuff



Isn't it great to see a blog from me about "funny." And it is great for me, now that I think about it. Because I haven't had much "funny" in a long time. And it is not a quick, two second funny then back to business.


One of Bruce's new "projects" is feeding Kira in the morning. I am working on problem solving. If I set her stuff up at night, he has no problem feeding her. And yes, he can bend over in the WC without me worrying about him falling on his face. But the task is to find the dish, spoon and food. (All in the kitchen and Bruce knows where) Plus, Kira needs an incredible amount of her special food and she is not a good eater, so this helps. But with most cats (animals), if you feed them, they become your new best friend! LOL. She cries for him to let her up on his lap. Sunday, during shower, she was mad the door was closed. Stupid me, lets her in. She wants to get on Bruce's lap, he sprays her with the shower head and she bites me! This morning he is letting her lick the milk off a piece of cereal! He was smart enough to leave the cereal piece on the table, but with Bruce, one never knows.


Kira had her Vet check up this morning. I thought the Vet would split her pants laughing at the stories. Vet said "let them enjoy."


Tonight, Carl and Debi in for dinner. Our schedules for the next few weeks are impossible, so I have been trying to get stocked up and chores done ahead of time, so that I will have few last-minute errands to run. So I planned to do a BJs run. But Carl always has a list. He is so patient and a great educator for me in house stuff.


Bruce's PT noticed that the left brake on the WC was soft. Last time Carl had to adjust the WC for me, it needed an Allen (sp ?) wrench. We found one and Carl said keep this out. Well of course that wrench was not right for this adjustment. I went to Bruce's tool box and found Metric wrenches. The whole set, intact (not Bruce's way. He must have purchased these pre-stroke and just never used them). Well the 4 was too small and the 5 too big. Then I find out there are other sets - SAE and US. Brother! So Carl gets his tool box out of his car and Bruce says "well." In Bruce-speak this is "Ethyl, there are others. I can't tell you where they are, but they are there." Sure enough, complete set of US or SAE. I still haven't gotten an explanation. And while there is not a 4 1/2 Metric, there is a 5/32 which works just fine.


Colleen: sorry honey. I just can't get this. Fortunately, I listened and then listened to Bruce. Debi got so confused, she went outside and had a cigarette. Debi doesn't smoke! Brake fixed. I poured Debi a glass of wine and off I went-laughing all the way. Exhausted, yes. Happy, yes! Debbie


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oh the feeling to really laugh..., to be able to forget long enough to laugh... to start to be healed ( emotionally) to laugh... good for you..

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SAE stands for society of automotive engineers and are tools for fixing cars. having one set of tools would just be too easy and make too much sense. lol

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I should take a photo of Ray's wrench drawer in his garage tool chest. You're right, all the different sizes are obnoxious; same thing with drill bits. Since I only go near them once every few months, I doubt I will ever get too comfortable with it all. As I said, I sort of keep them around for when more knowledgeable people are here helping me out!


Jamie, thanks for that bit of information! I know there are metric and there are US sizes, depending on where the car was built, not that it makes it any easier.

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That Kira is quite the little stinker. She was startled her Bruce splashed her I bet. lol Our cats only follow me around mostly and wake me in the morning. Both cats seem to be starved in the a.m. and Larry use to feed them Traitors - now they snuggle and hover around me. Furby is so excited to get his food when I am dishing it out, he gives me a little bite on the ankle. He thinks it is a love bite but I don't think so. lol


As for the tools - I would be lost with those. I think Larry would too. His mantra usually was "get someone to fix it". We can't be everything Debbie!



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I would like to laugh so hard i pee my pants-- when that happens i will know i have come a long way baby....LOL nancyl

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Sounds alot like my home....never shut cat (or dog, when we had one) out of room. We have tons of tools but, can never find the right one the first few times, either. At least it was gtood for your mood! Keep laughing.

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One very positive outcome, and no laughter here. Remember the "Daylight" post.


I had today off - a rare gift. Erma has pink eye and both Cathy and Pema had to work. Got some really odd chores done, things that just bother me and then off on a jaunt. I needed a coupon organizer - tough to find and poor Bruce, his lightweight pants are just worn to thread, so it was nice to do some shopping.


I am trying to break the channel surfing cycle and yes, it takes time and reminders. Also a lot of work for me. Mary Beth does not agree with me. But after the "Daylight" conversation, I am not so sure I am wrong.


I try to keep conversation alive while driving. And today I asked about the wrenches - the two sets, brand new, totally intact and obviously Bruce remembered he had them. So I asked for the story behind them. Bruce was having trouble and I was working around that, as Speech advised. After about a half hour Bruce said "I don't want to talk about this anymore." Wow, well I almost drove off the road. I asked why. And he said "It makes me confused and I am supposed to stop when it makes me confused."


First off, that he remembers his Speech Therapy so long ago and again, like "Daylight" a peek into what he is dealing with. True gift.

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Although Ray had good conversational skills for maybe five years after the 1999 strokes he deteriorated a lot over the period of the next few strokes TIAs etc. I found that I couldn't keep a subject going with him as it would tire him out. If I asked questions he could get irritable and I knew that was because he had no process thinking so could not think in a logical sequence or follow question A to question B to question C. He would answer one question and then glare at me if I asked another.


You and Bruce enjoy your time together. I agree with Bruce, it is better to maintain some conversation but also periods of companionable silence for him to catch up after a while. Maybe watch for signs of him getting restless rather than pressing on witha subject that is exhausting him. I am glad Bruce's intellect still shows up in some of the conversations you have, that must be nice. Enjoy your summer.

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