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HO HUM!!!!!!!!!!!



I just feel blah these days. Thought the warm weather would bring out the energy in Mike and get him up and going but guess it just worked the opposite on him. He doesn't want to do anything but sleep these days! OH WELL!!!!


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You see this is about the same as I was trying to say in my blog that every day brings about some changes. Some we expect and some not but still survivors have ups and downs each day that comes along!


I'm probably just like Mike in terms of energy and doing things these days. I can't explain it all!

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make sure he IS eating and drinking... alot of fluids... a uti is nasty and sleep is the biggest symptom..

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Nancy he is eating and drinking just fine. He has begged the doctor for something to help with this but the doctor just looks at him and says I am sorry to hear. Wish I could pick him up by his collar and shake him to make him understand!!!

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