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Not gonna let him loose it!



Mike has been so tired here lately he doesn't even get out of bed and he is ready to go back! We have asked the doctor to prescribe him something for energy but he just doesn't seem to care. Now we are in the process of trying to find him a new doctor that has more of an insight to what might be best for him so while we are waiting for this transition he is just going down hill even more. He has lost 5 more pounds and has almost stopped eating again. Therefore I have decided that instead of letting him loose everything he has gained in the past few months I am going to start splinting his elbow and hand in order to stop the process of the muscles from loosing the length they have gained from his therapy. Even if he doesn't feel like exercising them he can keep the length and only loose the strength, which isn't very much anyway. The therapist told me when he first started going that if he had been splinted properly in the beginning he would only have had to gain strength and could have been much further along in his recovery of the use of his arm and hand by now. So guess it's back to square one with the strength but not the length if I can help it!!!!


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