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Eating again!



I know I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I would just update a little on things. As most of you know Mike has been battling an issue with taste. He changed doctors a couple of months ago due to the one he was seeing was just not that well knowledgeable in stroke and we were at a stand still with his recovery. This new doctor has dealt with stroke patients quite a bit so he has had the experience in the field. We told him of Mikes taste issue and he immediately decided he needed to start taking Zink! With in a few days Mike could see a difference in his taste! He says it is not back to complete normalcy but it is much better so now he is at least eating one good meal a day and snacking quite a bit the rest of the day! I am so happy that this issue is starting to be under control! Hope all is well with everyone and I continue to pray for all of you daily!!!! ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))! Cindy.


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Cindy: wonderful news. You and Mike are finally putting both feet forward. Such a relief. Thank you so much for checking in and letting us know. Debbie

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Wow... I must have forgot to click the add comment button, I don't see my post! I'll try again - I'm so happy for Mike & you! Food is a big part of the joys we have, I mean it is so important to be healthy, but also it is a part of enjoying life and I'm so glad you told us about the zinc, because so many suffer from this and have no help! Is it just a vitamin or a prescription? How much did he give him to solve this terrible problem?

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Just read your note and was thrilled you found a solution for Mike. I am going to mention this to our dietician and doctor. Zinc - who knew? Thanks for sharing.




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Cindy, if you would, keep posting on Mike's progress. As you know, Larry suffers big time from loss of appetite. Hope things are going well.



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