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June camping trip pic's



I finally got the pic's downloaded and published. It is a very complex procedure here, at least it is to me. I nearly gave up but finally got it done, don't ask me how.


Anyway, not many pic's but enough for you to get the idea. We are planning next years trip already. Great new friend.


We are off to Cleveland, OH for modifications to our motor home. About a ten day trip. I did get the portable satellite working a few days ago, now when we are on long trips we can watch TV if we choose to. Mainly for me to watch college football in the fall. Not much else interests either of us.


I somehow bit the inside of my cheek and had a devil of a time stopping it. Of course I am on blood thinners like most readers here. It happened while I was out fishing alone yesterday and I just put up with the bleeding for a few hours until I got home. When Lesley saw it she being a retired ER nurse immediately stuffed that side of my mouth with gauze and after about an hour the bleeding stopped. Today all is well.


Well just a short update. time for some more coffee.


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George those are some beautiful pictures! I can see why you are planning next years trip. Is your Motorhome manufactured in Cleveland?

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No actually it is a Winnebago made in Iowa. But Advanced RV in Willoughby, OH makes a sprinter chassis based RV and will install the screen doors on any sprinter based van. We are looking for things to do for the three days the modifications will take, so any advice is appreciated.


I think you told me once where you are located, but I forgot!

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Hey, you are like me when it comes to posting pictures on this site. I don't know how I did it and I still got one that stops my computer from loading and working correctly but I don't know how to eliminate it completely.


Anyway your pictures make the camping spirit come out in my body especially fishing and catching a few dozen big ones!

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Great photos, thanks for sharing. I feel like I just went camping myself! About the pictures, yeah. Somehow I made my icon photo disappear and it won't let me load the newer one I wanted. Maybe I'll figure it out someday.....

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George make sure you go to the West Side Market when you are in Cleveland. It is a must see. Also not far from Cleveland is Holmes County which is one of Ohio's Amish communities. It would make for a good day trip. Take a look at both on the internet. If you are interested in Holmes county let me know I am familiar with the area.


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Terrific! Reminds me of the youthful days when my hubby and would go camping in the White Mountains. What fun they were!

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