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what a wonderful visit we had with family



I am such a blessed person, surrounded by so much love & laughter that post stroke life also feels great. My mom used to tell me when I was young that even though I was accidental child I always got best in life, which includes great education & resources to do well. Even though got hand me down clothes & books I did well since I was surrounded by lot of love by family. I am most fortunate in my hubby & his side of family. My life partner was picked by my family. at that age my only requirement was that he must be more educated than me & financially independent, I am so lucky, not only he fulfilled that requirement, but also belonged to amazingly loving family who I love & adore & I got to spend more time with them after our marriage due to my visa issues. Boy when I was going through that waiting period in India with my in-laws it was so painful at that time. but now looking back it was one of the best period of my life. I had such a great time with all of them. I am closer to hubby's family in India more than he is since he is out of country for more than 2 decades. Anyways finally my brother-in-law & sister in-law visited us for few weeks & we had great time together, not only took them everywhere for sightseeing, but also had engagement party of my nephew who is doing his post graduation in US at our house. Engagement party was blast. looking at new lovebirds brings back so many joyful memories of youth :) I am still reminiscing those days.


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Asha, that is a wonderful story, I am glad your life worked out so well for you. I am so happy that we are going to see my family, most of whom live upstate NY, but the reason being my sister in California is coming with her three kids and two grandkids for their annual visit. When I said Ray and I would come up too, you'd think we were celebrities. That's what family is all about. And sometimes they don't have to be blood relatives either! LIfe can be good.

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I feel Ya and I'm the same way about my wife and family now for sure. I never been so happy even after surviving this stroke 9 years ago! Just keep on living and loving great things are still coming your way!

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Yes Asha, family is a blessing! Iam still giddy from my vist with my family three months of joy, I have memories that no one can take away.We are so blessed, enjoy your blessings. Yvonne

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Asha: What a beautiful tribute to your husband . I think you highter power was part of the "picking party" because you and your hubby certainly are fit to be together. Most of my family don't live close either and it is hard but love is in the heart and so I know they are always there. Leah

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