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Love Conquers Fear



Have you ever felt that when you have love in your heart it seems to conquer many of the fears you have or has had recently? To me and for me I tend to have power over fear. I have read comments, blogs, and other writings here where the stroke survivor has fear that another stroke will happen again or that they can't make it through this stroke in fear of not surviving. I would guess over 50 percent of all survivors has thought that way about their condition after stroke. Even some doctors will tell your family members you may not make it but that doctor has fear himself and not trusting in God. Many people appear to be on a death bed and God bring them out.


The truth is we are generally afraid of the unknown and our minds run away with many thoughts of what could happen or what might happen to us. Even faithful believers began to doubt their faiths and any belief in God and what He can do for us in our condition after a stroke. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Then as stroke survivors we start to search the internet to find statistics or anything we can say here is the records of survival.


The only fear that God encourages in a Christian's life is the fear of God. The problem is many Christians fear people more than they fear God. Their fear hinders them from pleasing God because they waste their efforts appeasing other people. I'm no different I was scared when the stroke hit that I wouldn't live or I will have another stroke and that one will take me out. I forgot about the love of God and fear was all in my heart. I bet now I'm not alone in those early thoughts no matter how my Christian faith was at that time.


I just want to say love conquers fear in your mind, your heart and in your household, in your car or when you are alone day or night. But we still tend to have fear without thinking how much God loves us as His people. Most fear is fear of the unknown and if we don't know God our fears can be double in our lives. We do not know what lies ahead of us , so we become apprehensive. Our imaginations can magnify problems until they seem insurmountable. At that point we will believe anything any person tells us forgetting what God has told us.


Do we stop, think, and pray at that point? No, not usually but here is where I have learned that love conquers fear when you believe in God almighty. He is my refuge now and my life is so much better when I just trust in Him to see me through. I can pray that others might have a better life, a better time trusting in the Lord our Savior. That is why God gave us His Holy Spirit, to enable us to see things as God sees them.


Fear is no reason to disobey God. There is no reason to live in fear when you have the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit within you. Fear will enslave you, but Christ has come to set you free. Love God and have no fear that you will be alright. Love of God conquers any fear any time in your mind. I have learned to trust God and pray daily. He gives me what I need to make each day He sends for us to see.


As we get older our belief in God should increase with our love and He will be right by our side. We just have to trust, love and believe in Him.


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Well said Fred. I dont know what I do without God, I know he loves me, and will never left my side. When I open my eyes, I thank him for waking me and ask him to take care of me on this new day. After my stroke, I never asked" why me" ? just knew God was in control, and so long as I trusted him, he looked after me and he did and he still does thank you Lord. I dont drive anymore the meds I take, my mind does not work so quick.

This Sunday, I just wanted to go to church. My husband works, my friends live far away, but I needed to go, a voice was telling me to go. So got dressed and walked, the church was about a 20min walk, and I just kept praying, it was worth it! My first time at this church but I go again.God is good


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I tell you He is the one we still have anytime and all times to look forward to for all our help! We don't have to go it alone! I feel it's no way I could have come this far as a stroke survivor on my own. I thank the Lord everyday, it works for me! God is good all the time and all the time God is good to us!

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