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Missing man found



On my last entry I told of a man who had gone missing while picking blueberries. His body has been found. It was about a mile from his truck. He apparently fell down a rocky slope and died. Don't know if a medical reason caused his fall or he just slipped. The autopsy should reveal the facts. The area he was found in had already been searched three times. The spot is so difficult to get to that when the people that found him tried to lead the sheriff back to the spot they had trouble finding it.


After the body was removed, his family mostly in their 70/80's themselves picked blueberries to relieve the stress of the moment and bring it to closure.


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My husband's father died in his own front yard. He was down a little embankment, making him hard to see. Only a cop cruising by, real slow, saw him on the bank, he had clawed trying to get back up, after a heart attack. Always a sad ending. I'm happy the family at least has closure now.

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It's good he was found and the family has closure already. I always think of big wild game in those areas like in some state parks having mountain lions and big bears that roam at will in those places. I would never have the nerves to venture that high to get anything in the hills of the unknown.


Here in Texas we fear the rattlesnakes the most. Without a snakebite kit with you the chances of your survival is slim at best. Any of us can go at anytime, we know not the day nor the hour.


Right now we are having three interstate truck/car accidents every day on the same road in different locations of that highway. At least two or three killed each accident.


The soldiers here are killing each other too (shootings)one or two every week so I stay at home more now than ever before. Many of those killings are about adultery situations.

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Guest hostwill


Closure is important, I'm glad it wasn't crime related, like so many others are.


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