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Good times, sad times



The good news is that all is well here. Lesley's 91 year old mum is doing well and still driving and living alone. While Lesley was there this spring she got mum set up with many benefits she was entitled to. New Zealand does a very good job of helping seniors stay in their homes as long as possible. Just a few of the benefits are extra money for getting her lawn mowed each week, two hours a day with a real person to get her up, showered, go shopping, clean house, etc. Also has a life alert type system available and a few other things.


More good news: Lesley and I are both doing very well. My knee surgery is a distant memory, all is well there. The trip to Ohio to get the motor home modified is over and we are most happy with the results. We are planning our trip to Kansas in September and from there we are planning to go to Utah or wherever the road leads.


My physical health is good. I have started exercising again after the knee healed up. I now do more reps and more weight than I could pre-stroke! I now lift my canoe easier than I have in many years. Fishing this summer has been good indeed.


Now the sad news. A 82 year old local man has gone missing in the wilderness just about 25 miles north of us. He went out to pick blueberries in an area he knew well and has picked in many times before. It is a very remote and rugged area. Lots of brush and cliffs. He grew up here and never left. Very fit. He just never came home. The search team found a few bits of his gear and then called off the search after 4 days. We locals are outraged by the short search and a volunteer group is out looking as I write this. Lesley is one of the volunteers. She herself has picked berries in the same area many times. She said "That could have been me" since she had planned on picking berries there this week. I go out in the woods alone often. It could have been me as well. I offered to go as well, but Lesley would not hear of it. With my balance issues, I might have needed rescue myself, so here I sit dog watching.


The lady heading up the volunteer group has closed her restaurant until he is found and is paying her staff to help in the search. This in the busiest time of the year for her business. Now that is the type of person you want on your team. Lesley and I agreed that if either of us was looking for the other we would want the help as well.


Anyway, the weather is great, fishing good, health is good, dogs happy, and nothing personal to complain about.


The coffee cup is empty but will stay that way until tomorrow. I just don't feel like any now. A bit sad at the moment


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Oh George, I am so sorry. I heard tonight that my friend in San Diego is out looking for those two children - relatives of his dear friend. That outcome does not look positive.


However, for you and Lesley - Kudos. Nothing like community sticking together. I agree with her tho George. She won't be able to focus on the task and she does know her way around there, if she is worrying about you. Stay put, keep the home fires burning. Make sure she hydrates when she gets home, some quick, easy food. Bath and bed. Bless both of you. And please do let us know. Debbie

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they need a helicopter search


Actually they had one searching the first day. The brush in the area is so dense a helicopter is useless. The heat sensor only works for a short time. Lesley said you cannot see a person arms length away from you it is so dense. Dogs also could not track anything.

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Good to see you blog again, should I live to be in my 80's much less 90's I would be happy if my health holds up where I could still drive. I got new eyes put in by the VA a few months ago. They removed the cataracts and put in lens. I see so much better and no glasses needed except to read small print on paper.


My mind, not my wife's is wanting to own another motor home but a bit shorter so she can help in driving. She is a tight wad and still working at the bank not wanting to leave ever. She wants to work until 70 and beyond being 61 now. I may not see another motor home in life that I own.


Once you ever owned one it stays in the blood. Glad you had a good trip to get yours fixed up like you wanted. Well after 4 days at his age that doesn't sound too good on finding him alive with wild animals out there too!! In this world there is always something that doesn't go right! Take care George and hello to your wife!

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People need to not do things like that unless they have a cell phone with them and it's on. The newer cell phones can be tracked in emergencies. If you go missing, even if you are incapacitated, they can find you thru the phones gps. I have definitely thought 2ce about taking the dog into the woods, since I saw my husband become incapacitated in a second. If he'd been on one of his big hikes in the woods, he'd probably had his phone off. I got the phones for emergency situations, and he'd always do stupid stuff like put it in his backpack and then lock it in the car, then go run or bike.... grrrrr....

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Sandy, that area does not have cell phone service nor do we. So most of us, including us, do not have cell phones. Come on up sometime and I'll show you how remote we are!

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