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aquatic therapy



So I came across a new PT that just opened up about 10mins from where we live and I made a stop in...Im so glad I did. They have a aquatic therapy that has a build in treadmill..! pretty amazing. So I made an appointment for charles, in hopes that it will help him to get strength back in his right leg. His appt is on Sept 4th, I'll keep everyone posted on how he's doing.


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Amy :


that sounds amazing. I am sure aquatic therapy will be very helpful to charles. Its easy to walk in water than on land. Hope to hear more once he starts.



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I feel using an exercise bike will do the trick too, that is what I got at home but haven't used it lately but sure need to soon!! I can feel the difference of not using it lately in my good arm and leg. I use the senior center machines sometimes but haven't done any of that lately!!

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GO FOR IT _____ WE had warm water therapy for a few months it was the very best therapy ( single) he had... but it is very labor intensive for me to dress and undress dan ... and all that... but this is a therapy that will matter... there is also something called the Altra G - anti gravity treadmill --- works well also... google it..

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