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another seizure



so this is the second day that charles had a seizure...both times I was at work so I dont know how long they lasted. Today, he called me at work telling me that he felt it coming on,from what I could get out of him. So I rushed home to him. There's not a day I go without worrying about him. I did call his primary and neuro. He is on anti-seizure pills, started w/ 250mg but today taking the full 500mg.

The neuro did informed that seizures were a common thing after a stroke...has anyone experienced it? anything that can be expected after a stroke? Charles is doing fine now, but it takes alot of energy out of him. He's up and walking around and had some yogart.

I always fear that he may have fallen and hit his head...I feel like my blood pressure has risen and my heart out of my chest when I got his call. IM doing better as well, but it scared me.


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There are many here who deal with seizures all the time. Bruce and I are not them. However, you have to work. You have Charles' blood levels checked regularly. Obviously you have a great communication system set up between the two of you. And Charles has an "aura" so he is aware when things may be going haywire - that is good. He knows something is up, calls you and then makes himself safe. And really honey, most seizures do not require a trip to the ER, so for that you can be thankful. 911 not busting into your home, transporting him to the ER and you having to take him home an hour later.


Keep a journal. When does he have them and how often. That you take to the Neuro so his blood levels are checked on a regular basis. Try to look to the causes - did he eat before you left the house, does he have water, is he hydrated? Does he understand he has to drink? Did he just wake up from a nap, is he moving too quickly, was there any stress-lawnmowers, traffic, phone calls? This may help you set up the household better for him. But I think most will say, they just come. The brain is rewiring and one just never knows.


You are never going to be comfortable with this. I think you have to be confident in that Charles knows and protects himself and you are just a phone call away. Try not to panic. Know you have set up a great communication system. You have to remain calm to get to him safely - you are all he has.


Glass of wine, kick back tonight. Breathe and tomorrow, just start again. Debbie

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It is such a good thing that he is able to know it is coming on. I wonder if it would be helpful to get what Debbie/Ethyl has that she got for leaving Bruce at home while she works. I am still investigating getting one for Bob. I don't work, but do go to Walmart while he naps, or watches a ballgame. It is possible for me to be gone for up to 2 hours. I've had people say they could sit with him while I went out, but he really doesn't want a baby sitter either. It's important to him to feel like a real person to have his own moments of privacy in which he can just watch tv or sleep, or pray, cry, curse - whatever he feels and holds in - if there is anything - he is like anyone else, needs some privacy at times.


He can now use the phone, but if something actually went wrong, it may tie up his brain power and become confusing to him. Debbie, could you give that link again to the device you bought? I was comparing it to other ones I found at the store and have now lost the link.

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It is the Freedom Alert by LogicMark.


This was recommended to me by Julie (the julie1). Julie lives in a more remote area than Bruce and I. But like us, she is closer to Larry than anyone and also like us, she has had to deal with 911 at the house. Bruce and I have all new doors. Last thing I want is some gungho Firefighter breaking down my doors, when it is on record that one is open, to find Bruce sitting on the floor, where he lowered himself down, did not really fall and can't explain that to them.


We go by experience and individuality with our spouses. Bruce's worst fall was with me. He was in grippy sox and went head first out of the WC. My fault. There are no grippy sox in this house anymore. He has shoes and sox on all the time. I did allow sox at the hotel because we were on carpet and barefoot only when I am home. And an aside from that is the walking. If and when we ever get there, independently he must be in his AFO. So I have learned there is no compromise.


The Freedom Alert allows you to program up to four phone numbers and then defaults to 911. And it does take time. My phone alone is on four rings to voice mail. However, you can always just default to 911. The button is a speaker, so I attach it to Bruce's shoulder. All of the default people have to hit number 5 to continue the call, but there is a voice default that says that. We only have one other number than mine and did the test with her, so she understands that she must press 5 to continue the call.


Problems that I see. Hubby is used to using the phone to call you. OT advised me, in regards to Bruce urinating himself, not to change what they are already comfortable with. Bruce never calls me on the phone, so the button it OK for us. Also Bruce thought the button was like a cell phone, so would bring it to his ear, making his speech blocked. We are working on that.


We are like Sandy and Bob. Bruce would be totally confused using the phone because it is not something he normally does. I leave it out so friends can call him and if he wants to chat, he can use the phone. In case of a true emergency, the phone would be no good to Bruce. Plus if he falls in the BR, no phone; but the button is right on his shoulder.


It is a one time charge. We paid $300.00. Easy to program and I did register it with the Fire Department. Hope this helps. Debbie

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Debbie, I was reading on the site and it says I can get another pendant, because I really was worried that I'd have a heart attack and he'd be left helpless, not even knowing where and why I wasn't coming to get him out of bed. Then I'd have to be the one to wear it, so maybe I could use it if I went down. But I see we can each have one, that would be the best situation. They even have a lockbox that you can buy and give the 911 operator your access code to get the key out and not break down your door. Now lets home there isn't a crook working for them! I am definitely going to follow thru on this, I'm just comparning the one I see online at Walmart, the one on amazon and the one from their site here:



I may get one for my 85 year old mom too. She looks so frail to me.

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Another thing about the Freedom Alert button is Larry can wear it on him. He fell once and it was still on. He has a cell phone but if he gets up, he is out of reach of the phone. Also, the button is much easier to push. You can disconnect by pushing the button on the back if you hit it by mistake. The customer service is also good.


A friend of mine got one for her mother who has an eyesight problem. That's how I found out about it.



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OK so i am one of the seizure families--- Dan has grand map seizures with no aura - no antecedant - that we have found.... i do know know hydration, is a BIG key and if this med is not working - after a adequate amount of time try another.. dan takes lamictal.. it is a mood stabilizer and antiseizure med ... other meds - dilantin and others didnt work - caused depression... but it is what it is and no one med suits all believe me.!! i have lots of experience PM me if you need to.. nancyl

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