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Got the nerve



Well...........I finally got the nerve up to put my picture on my profile. Yep....took a long time but I think it's nice to put a face with who we talk to all the time. Of course I take horrible pictures, not like my best girlfriend and stepdaughter. They're probably the most photogenic people I know personally. It's just not fair I tell ya!!!!!!!! So for all you who don't want to do it all I have to say is..........well you know.


Don't you just hate that when someone finally does something and then wants everyone else to do it too? Like quit smoking, drinking, biting their nails and stuff like that.


I can think of several people I would love to see, but I won't mention any names. Okay, I can't help it........ Jean........we all want to know!!!


Oh well, one fear overcome. The next one is Monday, but might blog about that later.


Oh yeah, one more thing. Isn't it always funny when you think someone is going to look a certain way and then they look nothing like what you thought? Okay I think I'm obsessing now. Good bye Cindy....


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You're just as cute and sweet looking as I thought you'd be!!


I know what you mean by having to work up to that stuff, Pixie almost didn't let me put her pic on my profile. She thought she looked like a real dog the day it was taken.

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You look just like you write....like someone I'd like to know in real life.


Don't hold your breath waiting for my photo to get posted. I can't find anyone who still develops those glass slides in my camera.



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You look like the sweet person you are but for some reason, I pictured you with short hair. Good for you posting your pic! I thought of you the other day, I got a email full of blonde jokes...... I'll save them for another time though. My pic is in the gallery.


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i don't know how to upload a picture. besides, i look like my avatar michael created except without the muscles and older. lol




kim cocktail.gif

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Awww. Thanks you guys. Cinder you are so freakin funny. I know I've said it enough times but you'll have to put up with it because I'm sure it will come out of my mouth again and again.


Pam.....I wore my hair short for a long time and started letting it grow out about a year ago. Can't wait for the blonde jokes. hehehe


Kim, it's really easy to figure out how to put your pic. in especially if I did!!! I think Lin can help you with it or if you want to pm me I can help you too.


Jean....you're such a sweetheart and you all know I just love ya's. pash.gif

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