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gator in the road



Here we go....this is pretty pathetic, I actually want to blog about seeing a gator in the road this morning. Like I don't see them all the time. Actually not in the middle of the road with a cop car (lights on) protecting him or her. It wasn't that big. Medium I guess and I couldn't tell whether it was dead or alive. I was hoping it was alive and the cop was just waiting for the fish and wildlife people to get there or a trapper. We only have a couple of them for the whole county believe it or not (trapper's that is). It's eyes were open but that doesn't really mean anything. I still hope it was alive. It wasn't squished or anything so I don't think it got hit by a car and I don't think the cop is allowed to mess with it at all as far as shooting it.


On a different note.......... I loved the full yellowish moon out last night. Anyone else see it? It was beautiful with the reflection dancing off the water. I love living in Florida.


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sad.gif Nope, I missed the moon. A gator in the road is like a deer in the road here. Commonplace, but I always cringe and silently hope it isn't dead.


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eeeewwwwwwwwww I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF REPTILIANS OF ALL SIZES AND SHAPES. they should be extinct like the dinosaur. i don't know how they have survived. don't get me wrong, i like animal planet and stuff, i am just afraid of an animal with no apparent feelings towards other animals and people except as a potential meal. i got chill bumps of fear when i first read about the gator. i don't want him dead, i just don't want him in or near ANY where i go.



i saw the moon too, lovely



kim beer.gif

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