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I love my friends. I have two that I've had for a long time. One of them (Crystal) I've had for 28 years who lives about 5 minutes from me and the other (Misti) for 22 years who lives about 20 minutes from me.


Well Misti and I went out last night and on our way, somehow the conversation went to when she was in my house last week and was noticing the pictures of me and my husband, pre-stroke.


There was a lot to the conversation and at one point because of the pictures, she said to me "Cindy, I really miss Bob". It came straight from her heart and we both started crying. It was just one of those times I guess. But you know, it made me think of how my friends love him too. He's such a good guy. I told her to stop talking because I couldn't take any more. So what is my point to this? I don't know, but I guess I realized how much my friends care for me and my husband. It made me feel good in a weird sort of way even though it was sad for the moment.


Anyway, we went on to have a good time at the club even though the band sucked. Yeahhh, I still party and love every minute of it except of course for the hang over the next day!!! lol_2.gif


Oh yeah, we all used to go out together, Misti and her husband, Crystal, maybe a few other people and my husband Bob.


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That's really nice that you had that moment with your friend. It's things like that that makes you feel like they have some understanding of what you've been going through.



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Hey party girl,

It is those moments when you connect with others and know that on some level they've just gained insight and understanding into what you've gone through. It helps more then anyone can know, that an "outsider" can understand.It insulates against the isolation of daily life involving stroke.


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i have a lifelong friend like that too. he seems to be the ONLY one who really understands.( outside of my strokenet friends, that is) i cherish every moment i can spend with him. he doesn't critize, he lifts me up.

friends like these are a RARITY. i am glad you have this too!!!!!



kim cocktail.gif

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