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day 29



this is day 29 after my stroke which did mild damage to my left arm and leg. my extreme fatigue has been lessening over the past several days and today I extended my walk to bill's lamppost a 6 min walk total. am doing this 3 times a day. in evening my legs (both) are very tired. will not even through I may feel like it extend the walk for another week. the next milestone would be the end of my dirt road about a 1/4 mile. I continuously think back to my first stroke, jan4 2012. was recovering in much the same manner as I am now but then on feb 4 had another which affected the left leg(first stroke right arm nothing noticeable on right leg) and produced rather intense fatigue which lasted about 2 months. as I have previously said there is nothing more that I can do -- following drs meds etc. and so worrying is not going to help. must take advantage of today and create and love and play with lucy since tomorrow may not be. david


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