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parenting is the hardest job I ever held in my life



We are blessed to have wonderful bright child but ofcourse he is teenager & does not use his brain in all decision-making. he will make silly decisions based on what he talked with other teenagers without thinking it through consequences. I don't know what would I have done if hubby wasn't there with me in keeping him on right path. I keep on trying to get him understand we are in his team & want best for him & there is no ulterior motives for us to make him take right decisions. Ofcourse he never listens to my speech thank god listens to his dad & does the right thing. its so frustrating thing to see as a parent. I guess I will keep my fingers crossed & keep on praying till he is in college & in his chosen field.




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Asha, I can tell you from my experiences when they reach the teen years, they feel they know it all until one mistake happens then you got their attention for sure and your hubby probably got that line down pat where he will listen to his dad and you all the time.


By all means keep him clear of school gangs or play ground gangs and he will grow up to make you proud of him for sure.

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I would tell my son that it was my job to council with him and go over the action / reaction part of the decisions he made. If I offered good advice, and he took it, he wasn't "doing what mom said" - he was making his own decision to follow that way of thinking.

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Asha, he is listening, but he is a teenage, and he can not admitted to that. My son would roll his eyes, but now he come out with my "sayings" and I have a secert smile. He does listen to my husband, which was fine by me.

When he ask to go to a dance, or go to the mall to hange out, I mention ot him that it was not him I worryed about but the fools out there.

Now he is in college and I still worry about those "fools".



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Asha some times a child is just at odds with a parent no paticular reason -- that age, hormones, -- any number of reasons when it comes to kids ( i got 4) me and the oldest had our issues -- she was a wild child to be certain , but she is af ine adult now and my best friend... ALTHOUGH I was her parent always in her younger days.. we have moved on to the next stage of our relationship- the friendship ... ( but i am still mom LOL) ... now Dan and the youngest were at odds when dan had the stroke - the kid blamed herself for so long for not listening to he dad more and mouthing off, ect.. she knew her behavior had nothing to do with the stroke but felt so bad to have been a little ( sh-t) during that part of her life.. she was fine for me, but not for dan... just as the oldest was fine for Dan but not for me... no paticular reason- just is/was.... being a intrested loving parent who talks to them and lets them know they are loved everyday - asking how their day went , what they feel about current events, whatever- just keeping that line of communication open.. however you must still discipline when needed.. it is a big part of parenting .. those little verbal corrections, of the "morality" of life ... my mom did it to me and i do it to my kids... remind them they are not the only exclusive people in this world - everyone has feelings, wants and dreams . and treading on someones elses is not allowed... your son hears you- he pretends not to, but he does.. and in the future those little lessons today will help him make the choices of tomorrow... hang tough parenting is a very hard job... although at this juncture of my life caretaking for Dan has proved way more difficult nancyl--- Asha you are a wonderful caring person - you are doing good ..

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Hi Asha: I compliment you on what I see is a job well done (so far). I don't have children but I have read you teach them the right thing, right from wrong, and lead them on the right path and then at a certain age, you let them fly (with guidance I might add). The years of control will be over if you ever had them. Love, Leah

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You can only teach them the right things to do when they are young. Showing you love them is important, although sometimes hard when you are so mad at them. When they grow up and are on their own, they have all the family values instilled in them. But I sitll worry and pray for them always. : )



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