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getting even better :)



Thanks for the comments on my last blog. I know its only been a few days but I wanted to share my joy (yes joy!) I finally took a bath using my left hand. It was hard to keep the hand towel from unraveling and I still went back and washed all over again using my good hand but Im glad I atleast tried it. I will try again tonight. I also held a water bottle in my left hand and opened it with my good hand without spilling it everywhere. Now I can pretty much get my wrist in neutral position and when I push my wrist back, I can now feel my fingers release! It is hard to explain but basically I am on my way to being able to straighten my wrist and fingers at the same time. My fingers are looser now. Even when I have on my wrist support, my fingers dont curl down to the bottom or middle of my palm anymore. My fingertips stop at the top of my palm now like where the fingers begin. I know pretty soon they wont even be touching my palm anymore :)


My OT says some of my muscle tendons atrophied so I will probably never be able to bend my wrist all the way back but that sounds like a challenge to me and I am ready for it :) Today I felt so happy at OT. I was doing my evaluation and she told me to turn my forearm over. I remember I used to always skip that exercise on the sheet when I got my home exercise program years ago when I was doing OT and botox in Fayetteville. But today I tried and I did it! My face really lit up and I even asked her "when did I learn how to do that?" lol Now I just want to do it all day long. This means Im on my way to turning door knobs and drinking from a cup using my left hand. I think Im going to try to add those to my list :)


Most of all my evaluation went good. I did not understand the measurements but my OT said I have made a lot of progress these last 4 wees so she is going to order another month of therapy for me. Its so hard to believe Im actually doing it, using my left hand, and Im actually getting better. This is all I have ever wanted for the last 12 years. I cant believe its finally happening for me.


I think my body has finally adjusted to the increase in my Keppra in June. I have not had a seizure or nightmare since I seen the neurologist and I havent felt really dizzy in about 2 weeks now. I guess I will still do the sleep study just in case. I just hope they dont have to mess with my medicine. To many good things are happening to me right now. I dont want the uncontrollable sadness to come back.


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hey Katrina :


so happy for you, keep on doing all the new things with that left hand of yours. your persistence to find right therapists & doctors paid off. you are tuly inspiration.



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I agree with Asha, you are an inspiration to many here. And we, the ones who have known you since you first came on here are extra proud. I know you have your times of doubt but you have your times of triumph too and that is what balance is all about. You will find your way through, I have no doubt of that at all.



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Back to the old saying, "It just takes time" especially from the time you started acknowledging you had a left arm and hand. Remember I sent you pictures of my wrist support I wore while I was driving. You wanted to hide your left arm and paid no attention to it or gave it anything to do in helping you help yourself!


We are all just like you, we have a weak side too but it's still a vital part of our body! Turning on/off the light switch, opening the car door, bathing and even in the kitchen you can do certain things with the weak hand!

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OMG! I'm so excited to hear this! I just told Bob about your progress and he was dismayed and encouraged to believe he still has a chance to improve. I mean, I know that, but he doesn't really. It's good to hear it is happening to you! :)

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