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Another seizure :(



My brain is in a fog right now. I cant remember what I did yesterday. Well yesterday (Friday morning) i fell asleep around 1am and woke up around 3am. I started reading a book to help my fall back asleep but ended up staying up for another hour and a half or 2 hours. As I was falling back asleep i decided to lay on my left side. Im usually on my left side or back when I have the seizures in my sleep. So as I was falling asleep I started feeling like I couldnt move. It like a force was holding my arms down and I was trying to fight it. I also heard screams which I guess were my own in my head. Soon I fell back asleep though. I am guessing that was just parasomnia because when I woke up I felt fine and felt fine all day yesterday.


So lastnight I was exhausted. I did not make anything for dinner but throughout the day I'd had a veggie sub, chips, water, and fruit salad with apples walnuts and dried cranberries. I think I had a apple for breakfast. Either way my diet isnt supposed to have an affect on my seizure medicine so I dont know why I had a seizure lastnight.


I woke up this morning reaching for my phone on my nightstand but i couldnt find it. It was dark so I began reaching for the lamp but I could not feel that either. I felt to my left and wondered what the big object was. I thought it was my covers bunched together until I realized it was the bed. I was on the floor. I tried to get up but my left (weak) ankle hurted too bad. I always keep books on the floor next to my bed since I read at night but about 6 out of 8 of them were on my bed. I dont know how they got there. I couldnt remember if I took my medicine lastnight so I tried scooting to the kitchen but could not get up once I got to my bedroom door.


I called a friend and he is on his way to help me. I might go to the hospital to see if my ankle is sprained. As I was laying here I remembered the seizure. I was laying on my back and it felt like my body was jerking to my left (weak) side. I think I was creaming "no, help me!" but that was probably just my imagination. I dont remember falling off the bed and like I said I didnt even realize I was on the floor until I tried to get up. I have carpet burn on my right knee and right elbow but my left ankle really hurts so Im guessing the seizure was pretty bad. My alarm clock on my nightstand was even flipped upside now.


Sorry I wrote so much. I just like to keep a detailed record of the seizures. I went a whole month without a seizure. I hope I dont go a whole nother one because I really need to have one on the 24th when I get my sleep study done.

Thanks for the support on my progress using my hand. I really appreciate it


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You know... since you seem to have these seizures when you are asleep, it might be better to get someone to help you put the mattresses on the floor and you won't get any injuries from falling out of bed. Would seem the safest thing to do.

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I am so sorry about the seizure --- darn it anyways -- but DONT let it stop the progress you are making !! and sandy has a good idea the mattress on the floor might be a good idea.. at least you wouldnt have so far to fall... ouch - hope you are doing well..nancyl

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Hope you are okay. Great idea from Sandy, putting the mattress on the floor, that would be so safe. Please keep us up to date with what going on. You are in my prayers.



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