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i had my first seizure at work



I was feeling kind of weird at work. I'd had a mocha coffee before work so I felt kind of good when I got there. I guess the caffeine put me in a good mood and I just felt relaxed and at peace. Then I guess it wore off and I began to feel tired and light headed. I was working sitting at the desk mostly but when I had to walk around to gather some books I started to feel more strange. I couldn't tell if I was just getting tired or if I was going to have another seizure or if I was just feeling uneasy because I went back to wearing my old brace today after wearing my new brace for the last week and I had on flats with no socks so my feet were sliding and making me feel off balance.


I was sitting in the workroom next to my co-worker and I started to feel really weird and dizzy like I'd just woke up. I tried to put my head down in my arms but it felt like my left arm was moving uncontrollable. I tried to say "I'm having a seizure." My co-worker said "oh no. she's having a seizure." I began to slide out of the chair and she asked my supervisor what side to lay me on. Then I opened my eyes and I was crying uncontrollably. The EMTs were in my face asking me questions. My coworker was rubbing my back telling me not to cry. I was still out of it so they took me to the emergency room.


I kept randomly feeling weird again like earlier this morning when I'd felt like I was in a trance or something sometimes. Besides my heart rate being kinda high from the crying, they said my bloodwork and urine was okay. They let my neurologist know I had the seizure but Im still scheduled to have my EEG tomorrow. My coworker told the doctor during the seizure I was flinging my arms and legs, grunting, and I bit my tongue. I dont know what triggered the seizure. Maybe I had too much caffeine. Maybe I was so stressed about having a seizure tomorrow during the sleep study that I made it happen today.


I just felt like giving up on life. I finally have everything I want and need and now Im having unexplainable seizures for the first time since 2005. I wonder if my left side getting better has anything to do with it. I kept feeling like my left arm was still moving uncontrollably when I was waiting to be discharged from the hospital. I kept feeling random tingling in my arm and fingers. I dont know. Its almost like my brain is rewiring itself to use my left side but getting confused thus having the seizures.


It seems like the seizures have happened more frequently. I was good for a month. But this is the 3rd seizure in the past 2 week. Last saturday I didnt have a seizure but I remember waking up and feeling relieved that I didnt have one in my sleep then as I was looking at the clock I started to feel nauseous and dizzy. I started to scream in my head "Jesus help me. Somebody please. Anybody help me." I could hear my screams in my head but its almost like I was still dreaming. After I stopped screaming and talking in my head I looked at the clock and an hour had passed.


Part of me just feels like quitting my job, selling the car since they will probably take my license once they find out about the seizures, and moving back home since no one thinks its safe for me to live here by myself. I will keep you guys posted on how the sleep study goes.


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OK -- deep breath , you have come to far to turn back now.... I am in agreement with NOT driving.. but, there other options.... i know not the best - public transportation... but still i would think that is STill a better alternative to moving home... ( unless of course you want to) -- You have a right to a LIFE... the right to work and have fun.. and while these seizures are becoming more of a issue - i am a little interested in your thoughts about them... the fact you feel your brain is rewiring or trying to... and while Dans neurology team and i do not agree about dans seizures i have long thought - that is exactly what is going on with dan - his brain is trying to rewire ( repair) itself and sometimes it shorts out.. thus the seizure... my thoughts NOT the neurology team - but they are not god.... but like a electrical rewire - some of the "connection" is going to take... and with all the increase in your activities you are gonna have a increase in seizure activity.. Now the other absolute for Dan and it is becoming more relevent everyday is HYDERATION... coffee, pop and alcohol do not "cut it" He has been needing those IV's .. other wise just by the color of his urine and the other little hyderation evaluation tests the nurses do dan - he is always chronically dehydrated... he hates virtually every liquid and can not "gag" it down .. but on the rare occassion he does drink coke - it has actually dehyderated him much more than hyderated him... I don't have any solution for you - but knowing what works ( sorta) for dan is the hyderation key... and yes he still has seizures -- but these are so much more clinically controlled that these while still life threatning are certainly a improvement... So I say hang tough, and do discuss your diet/hyderation with your doc... basically if Dans pee is any color other than yellow - we make sure he gets hydrated .. and how much he needs - because of the meds for his body to filter those meds is astounding at LEAST one liter per day of saline .. just to keep his urine from going amber colored.. although we do not IV him daily - that is the average through out the week of his consumption/ administration of the saline... Now that there has been another person /people present for the seizure - I am sure your Doc has a better idea of what type of seizure activity is happening, and can address it ( hopefully) keep moving forward... If you move backward - chances are you will just slide into your old life, and i believe you are much happier on your own... keep working at it... you have that "right" to try to be independent -- you have done so well !!- the seizures are a bump in the road...

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I'm sorry to hear you had this seizure at work, I can only hope some clues will come out of it that will provide some info to help. Tomorrow you'll have your test, so maybe more info again. Let the pieces come together and see if it makes anything. Just hang in there for now, and don't try to second guess anything.

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Katrina :


just hang on for little while longer & don't make any hasty decision to retreat & then later regret when all this seizures dust settles down. good luck with your test & will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.



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Come on ,do not give up, you come to far, you sell your car, go home, then what? Like Nancy said, a bump in the road. Hang tought, the test tomorrow. You are in my prayers.

God bless



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you are a strong person Katrina, to have come this far. you have overcome many obstacles. whatever you decide to do you should keep in mind your internal strength. this is another challenge. let it be another in the road that you have overcome. truly best wishes,




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Guest hostwill


Katrina, You're a survivor!, you've known that from the beginning and don't let this bump in the road take you down. You're stronger then that I pray you make the best choice you are capable of. i'm glad you're home from the hospital.



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