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tired with my boots



today is the day after the nite before. last nite didn't sleep well at all and woke up (when I finally did get to sleep) with a jaw ache and the starting signs of a migraine. took an ibuprofen and after about 1 hr the jaw stopped aching and the feeling of a migraine was gone.


but to the issue of my boots. about a week ago I - looking forward to winter- started doing my walks with my boots rather than shoes. I have had to cut down my distance by a factor of 2 and even with this cut my legs are still remarkably heavy. in all fairness I also increased the leg exercises about this time also. so today my walks with boots were 2, 1/8 mi walks. and as it is now 5pm I am fairly tired and are moving around here slowly and with effort.


I think I should be grateful that in fact I am still moving around here! and I am. again I need to think of what I can do and not what life before stroke was.




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Take it easy David, build up your strength. It must be hard striving to get back to that pre-stroke normal but it is not worth causing yourself sleepless nights and uncomfortable days. Just a little increase here and there and not all at once I guess.

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David :


baby steps, rome wasn't built in a day. slowly build your strength & endurance.Things will improve it just takes time. keep on rebuilding your post stroke life again with all things you can still do.



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thank you sue and asha: you are both very right. I am noticing this morning that my legs are not tired. so that means I can recover. and no stroke last nite!! god is good!



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David, it is funny you should bring this up because it is time to consider new footwear for Bruce and he has to accomodate the AFO. His AFO is custom and very heavy. As much as I would like him to have some nice winter boots, right now, he would not be able to function with all the weight.


What you did remind me of was that all this will take time for him to adjust and I need to start now. Thank you, Debbie

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