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two months since my third stroke



it has been two months since my third stroke. all were mild. the first two were ~2 years ago.


I no longer have to lie down every hour as I did for the first two weeks. and my endurance has improved. I now go out for a mile walk in morning and afternoon. I sense that I am pretty close to my limit on these walks, legs feel tired and are very tired and heavy feeling when I get back.


during the last week roofers were taking off my old roofs and putting on a steel roof. I have an A frame and it was like an echo chamber when they were taking off my roofs. during that time I also lost my internet (satellite) but got internet back and they will finish tomorrow. I am very happy with both the way that the 3 of them work and the job that they have done!


back to my stroke. I feel that I have to concentrate when I walk and I now walk very much like the little old man that I am(70yrs old). but am grateful that I can in fact still walk at all.


I go off on and back off a cup of decaff in the evening. but have now pretty much decided that my sleep suffers with the decaff and if my sleep suffers the next day is not so much fun.


I want to start back at the gym this week, perhaps tomorrow. I haven't gone back since my stroke. and now I walk noticeably funny. nothing to do about that and must only be glad that I am able to do the gym (machines + weights) at all and if people have a problem with it, it is their problem. my problem is the machines and NOT the other people. although there are a few that I have made friends with and will enjoy seeing them again. if they ask I will tell my story and that I am a stroke survivor and intend to keep surviving!


I have missed this net for the past week and am glad to be back!




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Hi David. please that you are back walking, like you said, it does not matter that you are walking 'strange", you are walking! yes!.

I walk everyday , with a stick (to keep away any stray dogs) and my big sun hat and sun glasses, I know I look good LOL. Dont care, just please that I am out there, walk about 3miles every day, doctors said I would not do it. We showed then!


Take care David.



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