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first day at the gym



went to the gym today. I know I am walking funny but no one seemed to care! saw a friend and I did tell him I had a third stroke 2 months ago and that's why I wasn't here, but I am going to both survive and recover. my project. he was just fine with that. I don't think its our condition that particularly concerns people as much as our attitude. and as moaning and groaning has never shown to have any positive results, we don't have to do that experiment. it has already been done!(lol)


my only bad feeling was when I was lying on my back. my vertigo was really trying to start. I have had bppv last year. at one time I got my room spinning like a helicopter! not fun. there is no way you can help but vomit when you room is doing this trick.


my last stroke got my left side a little bit and I was curious as to the effect on my performance. my arm seemed to be more affected than my leg. and was off in the push a weight by about 40%. pull a weight not noticeable.


a setback from where I was but it could have been MUCH worse! i'll go back on Friday and try a 3 days a week schedule.


I started doing this about 3 years ago. and you know that over the past ~20 years I saw my running go from something to zero. but I noticed that weightlifting is one of the things I can improve at. (I had started from a level of being able to lift a heavy pencil. from there you can only go up.)


the vertigo is a bit annoying but nothing I can do about that.


as you can tell I was glad to be back at the gym!








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David :


you have such a great attitude about everything in life. I strongly believe its not circumstances that defines the person its how you react to it define you as a person.



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Hi David, your postive thinking keeps everyone on their toes. Thank you, keep up the good work. I do my walking, it keeps me thinking and looking good! I meet someone who was walking his dog, he could not belvie that I had a stroke! he said i looked good and too young to have a stroke!


I skipped home! LOL



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