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my book discussion experience



last nite we had a book discussion group meeting. it is the first one that I had gone to since my mild stroke in august which did further damage to my walking gait. it was on the second floor of the library and had about 11 people there. the book was a civil war novel "march" and was not bad. I read it twice and enjoyed the discussion of the other people there.


however, not was all great(lol). the session lasted for 1.5 hours for which time I was seated. then when it was all over everyone got up to walk to a common place where some refreshments were. I also did this but when I got up I found that I really couldn't walk very straight and essentially staggered quite a bit.


there is no real lesson here. my reaction was that oh well people will no longer feel that I am normal. and guess what, i'm not.


but in fact I am lucky I am walking at all after 3 strokes or for that matter after any stroke and being able to attend the discussion that I do enjoy. other people can deal themselves with the non normal david.


I am learning that the object of life is not to be without difficulties but to live and enjoy living with what we have TODAY, tomorrow can take care of itself.




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David: great attitude.


Wonderful news about the book discussion. Keep that brain working but even moreso, the interaction with other people.


You just have to be careful. David, for anyone sitting that long - especially at our ages, LOL - getting up and moving takes more time. We just can't get up and go like our teen years. Body has to adjust, circulation needs to kick back in. I am sure you were fine, just self-aware. And that is OK, because you will see to your safety.


I think I became more accepting of Bruce's condition when I say him with Ray and Dan. All three in WC or scooter, sign language that only they can understand and absolutely no concern of how they looked. They were out to have a good time and a good time was had!


My main concern with Bruce is that he is clean and tidy. I'm OK with the braces, WC, various walkers, but people do talk about his grooming and since Bruce could care less, it is up to me.


Good news and please do keep going. Best thing you can do for yourself, especially since you enjoy the reading and interaction. Debbie

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David, I go to a Women's weekend once a year, my room mate is a survivor. I know she takes longer in the bathroom and longer to walk anywhere as she has a leg brace and an awkward gait. But that is not important to me. I like being with her and look forward to sharing with her. I like her company, her sense of humour and I love spending that time with her. Your friends will do the same.

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David you are so right man, if I sit at this computer in my chair too long I have to have help to get to my feet. I got a pulley tied to my head post to pull myself up when I'm here alone.


All this just happened not long ago I just got weak in the legs and muscles I guess. I had to go buy a raised commode seat for our bathroom too and I got a carrying case for it so I can take it with me when we go out of town. Most of the commodes are too short and I can't stand back up from them.


We can't always get a handicap hotel room either!

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