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Everything happens for a reason.



I know it has been a while since I posted anything. I just wanted to talk about the data I had yesterday.


I met two very interesting people in my therapy session The First one was a young man. He had open heart surgery which resulted in a stroke while under Anesthesia. So imagine waking up after a simple routine procedure to only be told you had a stroke. He had to get re opened and remain that way for almost a week and in hospital for almost 3 months. He looks fantastic and I'd never know he had a stroke until I spoke to his wife in the waiting room of my therapist. I explained about this site and how we all understand and the vast information that Steve and everyone over the years has contributed. A father of 4 children, 3 are in college and one that is 7, his wife is stressed. I explained how we have a caregiver support group and information.


Secondly, I met a young woman who was hit by a car and suffered right side head trauma which had resulted in left side deficits. Imagine, just walking across the street and BAM.

She wan't as social for she was angry. who could blame her. I informed her and her mother of the TBI fund that would and could help them out. Thank goodness, the mother already started to consult with someone there for the insurance wasn't a big help and the driver insurance is being dealt with in court. I say it's a pretty cut and dry case to me. But hey what do I know.


The only reason I was able to speak to these folks was my bus service had me wait almost 2 hours after my appointment to be picked up. Normally the trip home is roughly 2 hours and from the doctors to home was 4 hours. Why not sure but I was able to meet fantastic people. My driver and I had a great talk after everyone else left the bus. He has a friend in Texas who suffered a stroke a few months back. He has a terrible time speaking for his whole left side is paralyzed on top of Aphasia. He asked about the different kinds of stroke for he didn't know there were more than 'stroke' and about the different kinds of Aphasia.



Long day but good people.


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How wonderful that you were able to turn a negative situation for you into a benefit for others. Your willingness to share your knowledge and personal experience with stroke/brain injury provided others with much needed resources. Additionally, for just a moment they were not alone on the journey. The world needs a lot more people like you!~~Donna

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Kim, thanks for sharing. It's good you could share some information and help others. That is a long wait tho.


By the way, I like your blue typeface. It so much easier for me to read. I guess I need to get my eyes examined again. :)



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Kelly :


God's works mysterious way. its big lesson to learn when we get frustrate over some things that something better is going to come out of this misery even though we don't seem to see at the time.



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a good day indeed! I think we can only share if we admit to others that we have had a stroke and then they can share with us and we them. thanks for your post kim.



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Kelly: I can only thank you for being there for them. The one thing I have learned in life is you never know who you touch, only pray that you do. Debbie

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