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excepting or defeated?



Hi so I'm having a but of a problem


I've asked around to get a general census . I have to cut back on my therapy because It costs to much. I have been going to therapy for about 4.5 years for one thing or another. This is for my visual therapy. My husbands insurance is very good but I see their point of its been almost 5 years and no change to diagnosis other then the use of prisms so each visit is $150. for therapy.. every week plus bus fare.

I had to pay this before because when the union had Amerihealth, that wasn't taken by the doctor. When I was going up to New York it was $100 a visit plus expenses. ( BUT that was a lot of daddy/daughter days :) ) My doctor in New York City, sold me a computer program that was basically what I'm doing now.He could monitor from up there. My doctor now has a similar program but he cant remotely check in.


I hate talking about money for I have read and felt the dissatisfaction from many people who either can't go due to money/insurance. I'm sorry to sound Pompous .


I talked this over with my psychologist and I have to keep telling myself i'm not resigning to how things are .. But why do i feel so defeated? I should and am blessed and humbled by what recovery I have accomplished so far. Like many people on here know, we beat the odds.


Am I wrong for feeling this way?


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we always want to be the absolute closest to complete recovery... i think you should do what ever it is you think you need to do, and if your finances are different than others - there isent much you can do about that... but you can control what you get or have... and should not feel apologetic for it... it is what it is...

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I don't think you sound pompous at all.


Very few things in life are all or nothing or black and white. That is true of acceptance vs. defeat. In stroke recovery although there can be recovery long after the time we're told there can't it does slow down exponentially. This may not work for everyone but I decided after a point I was not going to let stroke consume my life. I accepted my deficits and moved on, realizing that in just living, I can still find improvement along the way. I felt I sacrificed more at a point than I gained in recovery. For me, it became necessary to weigh the cost to me and those I care about against the returns...in some cases it wasn't worth it. I wanted to LIVE again.


There were/are some who think I gave up or who want to lecture me on it but in the end it's my life, my health and I have to do the same thing they do...DEAL WITH IT!


If you still think your vision program can work without the remote doctor monitoring, keep working if you want to. Only you and your family can decide and after five years with NO improvement it would be ridiculous to say you gave up.



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Kelli, do you! my new word taught to me by my son. If you think the vision programe can work, then that what you do. You dont sound pompous, you just been honest. Yes it is a shame that some people do not have insurance, hopefully that change. You go and take care of you.



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Yea, the insurance called Obama-care is why the government is shut down now. He like other presidents during their office time tried to get insurance for ALL the people to have insurance which has never been done before.


It seems the whole United States is against it becoming a reality like in the past but we all need insurance like Canada and Australia got.

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kelly :


Jamie describedmy feelings to . I decided I am not going to spend my time, money & life looking & running after cure on how to use my left hand. I decided I will start living with just one hand & when my left hand decides to come back I will use it, but till then I am not going to run after therapy & miss enjoying my present moment. & I don't care what others thinks as giving up or whatever. I can't let stroke take any of my joy it had already taken from our family.



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Kelli, I know with Bruce, when the Insurance finally cut him off, we private paid for almost a year, because he was improving and was willing to do the work. With the overtoning, he became so depressed and frustrated, he decided to take a break.


Every person is different. And right now, we take anything that is paid for. Bruce just does better with direction and professional help.


Maybe Kelli it is just the thought of the change, of not working with the professional, having that input. I hope so. Yes, it will be an adjustment and you can always consider restating therapy, even without the Insurance benefit if you really feel you need it. Debbie

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Bruce was a teacher, so he likes taking lessons (I know, because I do too). Ray is a rebel, and therapy has been torture for him. But as time goes on, I realize that formal therapy isn't the only kind there is. Just doing everyday things, getting out, socializing, traveling; I can always see the improvement those activities bring too.

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Stingray :


you are so right. I felt my real recovery began after I came home & started reclaiming my life back which included going on vacations, interacting with people, taking care of my family. those all things added up to have fulfilled life. thats what I was trying to say i my comment, accepting & moving on with your life is not defeat. It is win over adversity in my mind.






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Money and insurance is always a reasonable issue. We all want to get to whole again whether we can make it all of the way or not but, we need to be able to afford it.


I made my therapists write up programs for me to do at home and added to them. Try to find a home substitute for what you have been doing in therapy (use the one you bought) and ask them for help in transferring your therapy to home. Good luck.

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