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so proud of myself



since this is my blog I am going to write about myself. I have been on this post stroke journey close to 9+ years now and I can still look back & see how far I have come in my post stroke journey. I know how bad & frustrated I felt right after my stroke when I would mess up simple things I could do before. I felt like huge failure when I would misplaced simple things around the house. I spent lot of time in the beginning looking for phone, keys or anything which was in my hand. It used to be so frustrating in the beginning, since I was not used to living in this 2 handed world with just 1 hand. & hated that internal voice who always said yes u r such a looser can't keep track of simple things in life. anyway fast-forward to 9+ years & I have become pro in compensating & doing things with just one hand. Being mom of teenager & having zero patience for waiting for someone to come & help me, I find lot of work around to get job done around house which includes cooking., cleaning & all other jobs in running household. recently I found a way around to make baked ziti on my own without any one's help. for me draining pasta with just one hand used to be very difficult now I found way, made me so happy. over the years my right hand has become very strong & I can easily carry 1-2 gallon with my right hand. in the beginning my right hand used to shake, shiver & drop those heavy things, not anymore. So feeling very happy & proud of myself about how I have made best lemonade possible for our family after our adversity.


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Hi Achandra, you have every right to be proud of yourself. Wow you carry 1-2 gallons with your right hand "you go girl". It does us all good to step back and see how far we have come since our strokes. There is a wonderful saying "what dont kill you, will make you stronger". The stroke made us see that we have abilities, that we never knew we had. Life goes on and there is living after a stroke.



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It's so good to see you appreciate how far you've come enough to have the confidence to say you are proud of yourself. Coming to the realization that you still can find a sense of pride in yourself after the long, hard road of learning to do things differently is a true accomplishment.

It 's not easy not to become discouraged and give up along the way. The fact that you kept chugging along, persevered, and can say Look at me I'm proud I can do things! is huge.


We are very proud of you too. You are one of our best success stories.




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Guest hostwill


Asha, we've all come along ways in our recoveryit's been 17 years for me, and I am getting used to doing things one-handed. If it was easy, anyone could do it but, adapting and improvising helps to stir up the creative juices. Save your strength for when the teenager challenges you. Keep on keeping on!


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It's great to see you in charge of your life! Too many people (even those without strokes!) seem to be living in the "I can't" world. Bob's aunt lost an arm when she was little, up to the shoulder. She does everything, maintains her own home and works full time, and doesn't notice missing her arm. I also have a friend who had a stroke in her 40s, and I swear that woman is stronger than me with one arm & one leg!

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Your words have been a inspiration to me,i have no use of left arm,its been 6 almot 7 mos.since my stroke,still have numb spots and fell different sometimes but its getting better.Keep up the good work.

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