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not much to blog about, life is routine with full of ups & downs



not much is going on in chandra's household except school, exams & birthday celebration. no big AHA moments either :) just routine. though I am grateful for my routine life, we all are healthy, happy & enjoying amazing fall colors. kido is very busy with his SATs & school load, since he is driving usually he takes me to his classes & activities. today hubby & I rook part in walkathon for American heart & stroke association. It was fun walk. nobody was running it was peaceful enjoyable walk in park, which we finished in an hour & as a group had raised enough money for stroke association. my birthday is coming up fast since it is falling on weekend, hubby is planning to take working day off so I guess will be celebrating 2 days. some days when everybody is behaving feel so blessed.


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Good that everything is routine. Enjoy that. Great that you went on a walkathorn, with hubby I used to do that before my stroke, and I am going to do another one, yes Iam. My husband will take me but he is not doing one.


Please that junior is okay, mine just came down from college. It is always good to see him, going to bug him I need to go to the store, and dad is at work. He says I always tell him one store ,then when we are out I change it to at least five strores! not true, maybe four! LOL he be fine.


Happy birthday! have a wonderful time



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I am so grateful for you that you can walk and take part in walkathons, casual walks with your husband, etc. I'm lucky to walk around the house but at least I can do that with my walker. I start 3days/week home health PT tomorrow so I hope that will get my strength back somewhat. The other wasn't working. It took me 1 hour to get ready and then up to the club for 1/2 hr of work-out and in and out of the car and club and house was hard on me too. So Plan B is in effect and my long-term care has arranged and will pay for it. Yeh, I also have a RX for lupus, valley fever and mono. Ruling everything out. God Bless You. Leah

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good for you asha and your walkathon. also understand the ups and downs of life and up becomes more possible the further down that you are(lol).


best wishes also on your birthday! they are always fun even when you are old enough not to particularly need any more.



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Glad everything is just routine for you. It sure is not here and I cant wait to get my boring life back. Happy Birthday Asha. Have a great day or 2.



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