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learnt something very good about being parent



between two of us hubby is better parent, he has better control on kido where as I do daily management of providing food & making sure he is doing his job right. So I am mostly nagger making sure he has done his homework & prepared for his upcoming tests. My mom thinks that parents play very pivotal role in children's lives, so I guess if your kids are doing well than as as a parent you have done good job of raising them, & if not than you failed as a parent. versus hubby think very differently about it. he was like as a parent you are just dog underneath bullock cart. bulls are the one doing job, you as a dog underneath r just making sure they are on right track. you are not the one doing any workload. just keeping eye on bulls that they r following right path. I love hubby's theory it relieves me from pressure of what if kido did bad on his test than I failed our family lol I know its extreme. but I m happy being just dog underneath bullock cart making sure bulls r on right path lol, so yes sometimes I m pain to kido but seeing him on right path does make me happy. so if you see me barking in chatroom don't be alarmed lol




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that is a great analogy---- i think kids learn by example more than anything-- one can preach all they want but if the parent isent leading by "example" than it is all empty... my saying - from seeing people try to do this around here ( redneck country) -- you cant raise your kid from the bar... around here it is sorta stereotypical as to what you see in a backwoods area of people who live at the bar when not at work... we were not those people.. just wasent interested and i didnt see my parent s raise me that way either ( all though dad was a post ww2 veteran and had his alchohol issues - he never was a bar sitter) ... but in the end we are the guide , and it is the child who has to choose .. and us parents who just have to hope for the best...and you are a great mom... some with medical conditions just give it all up, thank you for not giving up, and someday your child will see what a miracle of a mom you are...

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I agree, you are a great parent Asha. Your son is lucky to have you. We can only give the love, guidance, and support when we are raising them. Once they leave home on their own, it is up to them to continue in the right path.



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I often thought I was like a cattle dog, biting at their heels to stop them straying from the path, rounding them up to go somewhere,my barking was always about warning them of dangers. The dog analogy is a good one. But also a good image is the mother dog suckling her little ones, keeping them warm and safe.


You and your husband are doing a great job raising kido.

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Hi Asha, i love it. You are a great Mom, and you and your husband are a good explame or your son would be in the street, acting a fool. My aunt has a great saying "Monkey does what monkey see. When your son left the nest, he is going with the upbringing he has got from home. I know they have to make they own choices,but their know deep down what is right and wrong. My son is at college, and he call and say something and I have a big smile on my face thinking " girl you did good", yes his dad helped, but it is us "women". We rock!


God bless



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