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another AHA moment



I get lot of AHA moment after watching Oprah's super soul sunday & my discussion with my spiritual partner my hubby. recently author Mark Nepo author of book of awakening was on super soul sunday & something he said hit home for me. he said and I paraphrase it when you feel you are so broken and as a human who has not felt loss in their life when you feel you are so broken & can't come out of the muck you are in, but at that time realizing not everything is broken gives you strength to just hang one more day. I know that is very true for me. had it not been my young family I would not have come out alive after my stroke. thing is when something bad happens it is very hard to stay in moment & you agonize over horrible future based on your current situation, which causes unwanted stress which lead to depression. Though I feel what does not kill you does make you stronger. I know atleast that's what is true for me. My adversity of stroke brought lot of positives in my life like I learnt to enjoy ordinary things & never take simple joys of life for granted. I feel I used to be very materialistic. for me being successful person is only way to be happy. but post stroke thanks to this spiritual angle has made my life more meaningful. Everything I do now I do it mindfully without taking it for granted. like doing mundane chores also feels like blessings that I can still do.




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Amen Asha


I couldn't agree with you more and I know from my experiences with my life after stroke I feel the same way as you! I'm too blessed to have any stress for what I can't do and I'm so thankful for all I can do while I'm still recovering slowly!

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Well put Asha. My stroke made my husband and me see that life is short, so you have to enjoy each day, because they may be no tomorrow. We also saw that money is not the answer, your health and family is. Thanks for remaining us .



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