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brick wall



In life we all get brick walls in our path. I loved Randy Pausch( author of last lecture & professor at Carnegie melon)'s take on it. Brick wall is there to stop other people not to you. It is there to make you realize how badly you want something. If you want something bad enough you will preserve & find way around it. I know every time in my life post stroke when I face brick wall & get frustrated I remember those wise words & keep on fighting to my way around it based on how badly I want something. Post stroke there r lot of small frustrations like opening that jar bottle or trying to figure out how to remove those pesky ads which blocks my browser. I know I know it is not big deal, but when its happening to you its very annoying. Yes I am very thankful in my life to have these stupid problems compared to what lot of others are facing here, but its still annoying nonetheless, & I g struggle with it & get frustrated, but thanks to this new coping mechanism I get strength to persevere based on what thing it is.I just wanted to share this wonderful coping mechanism which allows you to not give up & keep on preserving





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Thanks Asha, that applies to me as a widow too. It is hard to come up against a brick wall in the search for new meaning in your life. I will try to see it as a challenge, not as something designed to stop me or turn me away.



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Good point of view Asha. Like you before my stroke, I give up no biggie. Now, I look at the brick wall, and know it is a challenge, and when I over come I feel soooooo good!!!!!

I remember I could not tie my shoes, at first my son would tie then for me, nothing said. Well he went to college, I would just wear my push in shoes. One day I needed my gym shoes, my grandson try to tie then for me bless his heart, but I knew deep down that I had to try and do it myself. After a few turns, I DID It, looked bad, but felt good now no problem, got it going on. Yes it was a small problem in the grand systems of things, but a biggie for me!

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I'm a fighter but sometimes lately I just want to give up, with all this new healthcare stuff. Now I will imagine a crumbly wall that I will push down, no matter what the odds! Thanks for the words of wisdom.

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