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do you believe in destiny or choice



Whenever I talk with my old college friend here in US it always ends up with discussion on destiny & choice topic. Both of us are firm believer in our views. She is firm believer in destiny & me in choices, I strongly feel choices we make in our life creates your destiny & she like lot of Indian people and believes who believes in destiny & astrology. She thinks if it is bad phase in your life you will make wrong choices in life. I am firm believer in doing right things & good & bad happens in every one's life & I feel by taking responsibility for my actions good or bad I am able to move on with life. I don't know may be taking responsibility for my actions is making me feel I am in control of my life where as usually everything is predestined & we are just puppets. I don't know I am so confused. so was just wonderng what are your views on this.




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I have to agree with you and I'm the same way. My choices are my life come what may and I have to deal with what that brings me.That's how I married for the fourth time to get it right for once in my life and I'm a very happy person!!


If you aren't happy life sucks! So I can say my choice to marry again was the right choice I made this time! Same way with me buying cars only when the one I got gives me too much trouble!


I been driving the one I got now for 10 years and its a Ford (Found On Road Dead) mine hasn't died yet!

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Asha, many times I have wondered the same thing but as I look back on the things that have happened in my life I feel as you, that the choices we make in our life affect our destiny. The thought of things just happening and we have no control over it is just too simple. I know there are things with our health that we have no control over but as far as where we live, who we spend our time with and whether we live happy or sad I completely up to us. I lived 28 years in a marriage that I was for the most part unhappy with. I stayed because I could not see myself living alone without companionship. Mike and I met many years ago and built a friendship but had not seen each other for about 12 years. During that time his wife passed and he was such a wonderful friend all those years ago that I realized that in that time I had fallen in love with him and knew that I had to do something to make myself happy for once in my life. I divorced and started dating Mike. If I had not made the choice to leave my ex I would still be there, miserable and wondering what I was missing out on." Destiny" brought us together but it was my "choice" to do something about what it was putting in front of me.

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i believe destiny is the decisions we make regarding our choices in life. I do think choices sometimes can be limited. Without setting some type of goals the results will be minimal. Without action you have reaction. I think we are in control of our destiny, and how much control depends on you.

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Asha, I feel that the choices we make, that shape our destiny. My husband always say that he and his brothers had the same Parents, was send to school, clothes and enough food. Yet some of his brothers made the choice of going down the road of crime, in and out of prison. He went down the road of going to school, doing the correct things of life. So they choices led them to a life of prison, and living on the wrong side of life. If I did not make the choice, to come to America, I would not met my husband, and have my son. My Mom would tell me " you can chose the straight road or the curve road". One seem's easy, but have lots of danger, while the other one, has twist and turns but is the one to take, it leads you to the higher power.

Excellent question



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