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Happy New year every one



As we rolled into new year want to wish every one happy, healthy & prosperous New Year. I never made resolutions in life, but recently when I read Jean riva's blog I loved her idea of just one mantra resolution like find contentment & courage. I was wondering what could be my one mantra resolution for this year. I think I need to learn to accept myself the way I am & stop putting myself down for some things which went wrong cause of me. for this year I think my resolution will be " I am good enough, and being good enough is enough, no need to be best but being good enough is good enough. & stop blaming myself if things did not go according to the way I wanted cause I need to trust in God's big plans for our life. My another resolution for this year is learn and master one new recipe for our family. I know for me doing cooking just one handedly is a challenge for new recipe which I am yet to be comfortable with. but I know more I do it I become pro in it & can whip it out quickly. At home front every thing is well. Kido is getting quite mature & will soon fly away & won't need us any more. He is doing spectacular in his studies so we are very happy & proud of him recently he aced his SAT exam so now he can focus on improving his GPA such that he can get into his dream colleges. I am so happy & grateful on how everything is working out in his path.though I am most proud of the fact that he learned valuable lesson of life while preparing for his SAT. he learnt that luck favors prepared mind. he realized he aced it cause he worked hard for his test & got lucky because he was prepared. I was over the moon when he himself told me that, so now I know I can relax & enjoy watching him grow into young responsible adult.


Asha(one happy mom)


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Asha, Happy New Year. Congratulations on your son's SAT grade. Wow!

Hard work does pay off and too many kids today do not realize this.


Enjoy the new year.



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oh asha that is such good news about your son you should be very happy about kiddo and how well he is doing you raised him well asha all the best to you my friendon this new year of 2014 and of coarse enjoy the good times

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Hey Asha you gotta be one happy mom and you are still smiling all the way to the new car dealership to get him a nice ride so he can ride his new friends around campus!


I had grades like that I got a new Bike back in the day!

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A new Bike is enough, pedaling is good exercise...lol. Might need snow chains for winter though. Congratulations to your son Asha, for working hard and doing well.


And wishing you all a happy, healthy New Year.

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Asha, i know you feeling so proud. Congratulation to your son! he has learned a great lesson about life, thing that are worth it needs hard work!


Have a happy, healthy New year. Be safe, what with the weather been terriable.



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Fred :


we don't believe in rewarding for his duties as a student he needs to work hard which is expected of him. our job as a parent to provide him food, shelter & education lol. we will make sure he is capable enough to buy himself fancy toys. we never got anything for excelling in school, we would get in trouble at home if we did not lol.



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