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Doing good - but still a seizure



well we have been doing pretty well..... dan has enjoyed his freedom of "cleaning" ... the space at the new home - makes him feel he can contribute.. so he cleans the garage and the car.. and he so looks forward to it... he never was a lazy man, rare for him to just sit around... so this has been ideal - something for him to do that matters..

He has been eating consistently and drinking what he can, and we use the IV- and home health ... life is improved -- but what a long and uncertain road... One of the new gadgets i got was the camera on Dan in the garage , the living room and the bedroom... i love it !! now dan gets a little privacy , but i can monitor him from afar... and tonight i learned the value of the cameras... I actually went out with the "girls" friends" whoa" .. yes a nite out.... except... I had the girls watch Dan .. Dan was adament about cleaning the garage... so the kids kept checking him and had the garage door propped open and Dan had a seizure.. I happened to be checking the camera on my phone and seen dan laying on the garage floor .... OMG - i called home and told the kids to get out there... yep he was having a seizure... i hopped in my car and came right home... we did have him go to the ER as he fell from his chair to a concrete floor, and with the affected side i have learned we don't always know what is hurt... so we had him checked out... he appears OK - banged up knee and his side of his face will be bruised... but nothing major .. we forgone the Xrays ... but the doc looked him over really good... but we will see what tomorrow or the next few days bring... I had been hoping with the hyderation and the better metabolization of the meds that Maybe, just Maybe the seizures would back off... NOPE still on the 2 month schedule... oh well, he came through it.... but my secret hope isent to be... just another lesson learned..... but a value ( cameras) found and validated .... nancyl


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Nancy that is so scary, that Dan could have a seizure anywhere anytime, so glad this one was caught on camera and you were able to be home as soon as possible. Sorry about your girl's night out though.


It seems as if there is no cure for seizures and the treatment can be ineffectual too. Ray's seizures never were really under control despite several medications that should have worked. I hope there is not too much bruising and Dan can have a comfortable night's sleep, and you can too.

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That is a total bummer! Hard to ever be comfortable leaving them on their own, so many things that can happen. As you know, I'm considering some kind of camera too, it's that or be housebound it seems. Hope Dan is feeling better today.

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he is pretty tired -- post seizure normal, but is alert and OK except for the knee bruising and the top of his head has a cut on it.. ouch... i have always caught him during a seizure - even the 2 "standing ones" , the one at the casino , the one at the mall, in the bathtub, in the car.. it seems we have had them everywhere in every possible situation and position.. this is the first that was unattended - so to speak... but the kids got to him before he had even come out from the seizure... deep breathe --- it does feel like a lot of responsibility , for a long time to come.. i am not complaining , and i (we) are not alone with our situation, many have it much worse... Colleen i sure wish there was some respite for you..

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Funny, but I will probably have to change agencies with the Affordable Care Act, yet I'm not even sure how much I want an aide anymore....especially with Ray's bracelet still AWOL! You know, you can get used to almost anything if you give it long enough. Hopefully this is making up for all the bad stuff I did so far in my life ;-)

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Nancy, you are one smart cookie! could you tell more about the monitor system and what kinda phone one would need to see it from afar?


I guess he would have seizures no matter where he lived, but at least he is in a 'happy spot' now. I hope no fall problems will show up, our guys just can't tell us so we can be sure.


Sorry it had to happen on the one day you had a chance to do something yourself. :(

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So sorry Nancy. Larry has fallen too a few times but nothing broken, just a bruise or small cut. Scary to fall on concrete. He is tough! Could have been worse. Hope you get another time out with the girls.



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Nancy, please that Dan is doing okay. Sorry that it happen at all, but it could have been worse. Dont let this put you off from trying to go out with the girls.



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Nancy: so sorry. I am thankful that Dan is apparently not seriously hurt. Yes, monitor for a few days. Also that your evening out was cut short.


But that was exactly why you purchased and installed the system. And you are absolutely right, just paid for itself.


Thank you for the update on how things are going at the new "digs". Please do go easy and take care - Debbie

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sandy -- vivint is the name of the security company that carries this camera, but there are lots of them out there.. i tried my own "homemade" camera from walmart but couldnt get the signal to pick up... i have a iphone any smart phone or computer can monitor it.. i could give you my passwords and you could even watch ... which makes it scarey hackers and all... but he reality here is no one is interested in our home.... but could peep inot our lives... guess what, we are boring!! there is a potential for invasion of privacy but it is safegaurded pretty well... the camera i can view from anywhere i have service either internet or cell .... lots of companies offer the "security service" and it does cost 60 dollars a month-- but that monitors all the doors, windows, glass break monitor, smoke and fire ... and it didnt matter if i have 50 things monitored or 5 ---the 60 per month is the same.. if a alarm is triggered like the fire or smoke or glass break -- the cops are called automatically... apparently the alarms are that accurate.. it did cost to initially set up , but again worth it.. around here vivint is the only local company in the state, but in other states that are more populated they have many options.... crazy stuff... those seizures , but a tool now to make sure he is OK.....

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sams club sells a whole system that can be monitored from a smart phone.... i went with a security system because i wanted the other features as well... i have a lot of glass , and a daughter in the basement next to a window.... and if i am outside i want a really good fire/smoke alarm.. but for a monitoring system alone ( video) check at sams club..

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