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just checking in...



well as i reported before the move is done, and most everything else is as well...... dan is much happier that he has been in a long time... he overdid it last week with all his garage cleaning... and is coming down with a bug.. so he hasent been doing much of anything... doesent have much energy.. but isent crabby either... horray !!! i can deal with this ... my only prayer is for "this" to just continue... i am not doing one single thing or going anywhere right now trying to establish a balance.... ( true travel on a plane i mean) ... but after the condo experience i feel like i am on vacation just by staying home..... No one here cares if i park in or out of my garage... and the windows are so strategic that no window coverings are really needed in most areas of the house... so no spy's either.. god i sound paranoid... and i was.... here i am just" better",relaxed ...... can anyone on this website believe it is ME writting THIS ?? i cant ....... deep breathe and prayers just for continuance.... nancyl oh and the animals are in heaven... cloudy the crabby kitty , looks about 1 year younger...the dog - still tries to escape and did in one area of the fence but, i have that blocked now and there isent any other places i can see that he can dig out under.... LOL and he hasent escaped again...


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So please that Dan and you are relaxed in your new home.

We had neighbours from "hell". The whole street was unhappy. They haded people coming at night, cars with loud music, beer cans littering the front. It was terriable! so they were renting, and the landlord only care about his rent! Well it came to an end, when gun shots were fired!

So they are gone, and it is so peaceful. Every one sits outside, no noise, no loud car radio. It is a shame when you are not comforable in your home.



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I'm happy that Dan is happy with the house, parking, and no neighbors like you had before the move. Peace of mind is so, so important in any household. Nancy, your job and chores are in the home and they are so diverse being care giver, wife, mother, friend for your family members and peace maker for your husband!!


Did I mention nurse, doctor, and grocery shopper too?? You do it all and grandmother as well! You don't have time to hold down a paying job away from home!! Just keeping the dog inside the fence is a chore I guess when he's used to being free to run and roam!!

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Glad to hear things are better. If you are not comfortable at home where can you? I think this is one of the best things that could have happened for you and Dan! Enjoy your new home and will pray that Dan stays happy and content!

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Good news honey and thank you for checking in.


And that is exactly what you should be doing - concentrating on making this a home - mostly that Dan is comfortable is amazing. And you will customize as you go. What Dan can manage, what needs work. Part of that also is the fun - because it is yours and you have no one else to answer to.


So happy for the little puppies and Dan must love just letting them out. Run, run, run! Good news honey, Keep us up to date please, Debbie

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Nancy, it's time for your long awaited break and some happiness in the new home. Dan is going to be good to you too!!


Can you handle that miss lady????

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