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well the move is done -- the work of course is not ... still tons to put away and sort.. Dan for the most part is pretty happy !! he is out sorting the garage -- in his mind -- non of it makes much sense as to what he wants done -- but i do not care, anything can go anywhere... cause as long as he is being "functional " he is happy -- "king of his domain" I have FINALLY got a security company who has completley wired the house for safety not just smoke - heat detectors , but glass break and door open detectors --- so that is good... also the cameras -- 3 one in the bedroom ( who does that?) LOL.... one in the living room and one in the garage.. and if dan decides to expand his "horizons" and utalize other parts of the home than we will add on more monitoring .... now i can see he is sleeping instead of peeking constantly , same with everywhere else... he can have some elusive privacy.... he hates my peeking all the time..... just as i would... the camera issues of course are invasive to the whole family - but we really have nothing to hide.. and only if a "alarm" is activated does it actually record anything... there is also a panic button - which will call me not the EMS -- so that is also good ... i am moving fast at everything - winter is coming quick - and i have seen 5 feet of snow fall on oct 12 -- back in 1985 ( it was my 1st anniversary) so winter could come then or wait till christmas - here in ND one can not and should not expect much in terms of kindness from mother nature - and farmers almanac is predicting a COLD winter... so we are moved it took 3 days for the most part - the rest has been piddly stuff ---- now i am waiting for the condo to close - possibly tomorrow ?? but either way it is done - the condo is all clean and ready for its new occupants... my new home, neighbors have welcomed us - one lady even brought over cookies - beautiful ones --- she bakes for others at x-mass she can bake up to 800 dozen ---- whoa..... but she is definatley a pro at it i could tell by one look at them, and they tasted great to.... (the condo neighbors never ever did anything except stop outside and say hi ) but its all behind me now.... Tag seems happy ....... today he got a little protective of dan ... the nurse was here and she was talking to dan , and all the suddens tag just put himself inbetween dan and the nurse - not aggressive , he licked her face - but he let her know - hey lady i gotta check you over first.... odd because she was at the old place to ( and is Dans favorite) but i suppose the new place has Tag a little bit more observant ?? either way it wasent aggressive by any stretch and she is a dog person and knew it for what it was --- Dan loves his time with this nurse - old school type , very pro. and he usually requests her to be alone with him ( kicks me out LOL) but dan does not want to share her, when she is here... and she has really put effort into getting to know him and his quirks.. and his needs.... and can tell in a glance if he is doing good or not so good....

Weston our grandson is loving the house -- specially his bed --- it is a old type metal frame - i got at a garage sale along with a spring mattress ... he loves crawling under it and playing... the new beds are so close to the floor that this is a novelty... so ..... so far so good........... whew...nancyl


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Wow, Nancy! You are a whiz! I'm so happy to hear you are installed in your new home and everyone is loving it :) You all will have so much more freedom here, and a lot less stress, just really feel 'at home' !!!

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Hey, glad that move is over and perhaps your last one for a while you hope for sure. Like you say winter isn't far off in your neck of the world. There is nothing like having peace doing your daily life in your own home place. Hello to Dan and hope he finds his way around real soon and can settle in for the winter!!


You have had enough neighbor problems to last you for a long time at that condo!! Breathe easy now and get some rest if possible!!

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Please for you and dan. Enjoy your new home! nothing beats peace and quiet in your home. We had neighbours that were from you know where! They have gone, and the whole street is so happy. Everyone sits outside in the eveing, say hello to each other, and you can feel the different



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Well Miss - I am so glad you checked in.


Nancy it sounds perfect. And I know, right now you are overwhelmed but you are excited and I guess less-stressed on a different level. More of a taking care of myself and my family level.


Oh and homemade cookies! Nothing says "welcome" more than that! Rock on baby. Please do see to your health.


And I hope you blog that first snowfall, from a cozy chair in nice warm jammies, with a warm comforter, maybe a fire and a hot toddy and say to us, "Yes, we are home!"


Congratulations honey and best to Dan and Beth, Debbie

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Guest hostwill



There truly is: No place like home. Enjoy, and don't take anything for granted.


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