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moving - again ...



so this monday we sign the papers and tuesday the floors will be dry from the carpet cleaning- so we move starting tuesday... this is gonna be tough ... but once i shift into the groove i will be OK..... i hope... Dan seems OK with the move.. i keep mentioning to him to keep orientating him to the fact of the move... i am thankful for the new home - to be honest i have never ever lived anywhere near as nice as this house... and selling my condo almost instantly was a relief.... and my toyota dealer ( We have done TONS of business with them through the years is 2 blocks away ( my nephew works there) has agreed to do heavy snow removal for me at a very minimal cost - i guess they have made enough money off me LOL) no they have been terrific with dan allowing him to "negotiate with them" ... and 2 weeks ago we had a oil change appt and dan insisted on going with - well he was on the IV then so we come walking in with a IV bag and they found a coat rack to hang it from ... - only in ND -- LOL.... and my nephew is like the best mechanic they have - so happy aunty means happy employee ... so i am sure that is why they agree/ offered to come and do snow removal .. plus you are not really selling cars on snow days ( generally) and helping us does garner good relations with the community .. again only in small town ND ... Other wise the IVing is going good -- i highly recommend it - dan just cant -wont drink.. he just HATES the taste of almost every liquid.. and as long as he is hyderated it seems he has a appetite - even if he only wants to eat a little .. at least he eats... we went to aprils tonite for supper although dan did not want to.. he did for me.. he was grouchy but he ate ... but he went for me.. which is progress.. he has so little tolerance for little kids ( noise) and little weston is certainley a boys BOY .. so he is a handfull..the unpredictable antics of a two year old is scary for dan ---- the port is a huge issue - very tender.. the prestroke dan would have loved this type of kid but post stroke dan is a little afraid of him... so dan just avoids him.. ( sigh) --- but it is what it is... one day at a time... nancyl


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One day at a time is right Nancy, I was the same with Ray, appreciate the good days, get through the bad days somehow. The move sounds good. I am glad you will have the kind of place you want, the community support you need (hopefully) and I hope that Dan that settles down well.


I know about the unease around little kids, I could not mind our two little grandsons for more than a couple of hours when they were toddlers ans Ray's patience ran out really quickly and he would start to be cranky with them and sometimes with me as well. One of the things I don't miss.

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I'm happy for you and hope this home will be the "happy home" you have been so wanting for a long time.


Did you have to mention snow tho? lol I don't want to think about that yet.



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I know we should probably move too, but I also know what's involved after our last four ordeals. However, just getting away from your negative Nelly neighbors will be a relief in itself, and the animals will be SO happy with their own territory, after they settle in. Next year, a few flowers in the front, set up a hang out area in the back, it will be sweet. Glad to hear Dan seems to be on the mend too, I know he will be fine in the end.

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Nancy, I hope your move is going well. I know you're excited and nervous at the same time. I moved us from OH to IN, you're right...once you get in the groove you're off and running! The unpacking was the difficult part for me. Taking care of Dan and trying to put things away. Dan's family helped out a LOT. I hope you've got some help getting the move and unpack accomplished. Don't be afraid to ask for help!! Good luck and hugs. Mary Jo

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Nancy :


good luck with your move & enjoy your new home. I am so happy you already have kind people who are ready to help out in cleaning your driveway which is so nice. We just stained our deck today & I know if you keep on doing one box or plank at a time, job does get done. yes it took us close to 8 hours but we finished the job & that's what counts. so even when job looks too big just keep doing one box at a time & you will get to comfortable place sooner than later.



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Nancy, Know you and Dan will enjoy your new home. Great, that you have help with the snow clearing. Remember the saying "Rome was not build in a day", So take your time both of you enjoy.



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I was thinking the big event was due any day. I am hoping that Fall in your new home will be wonderful. Great time of year and hopefully Dan will be open to just sitting out in his new yard, watching his puppies run.


Please do see to yourself. Rest when you need to. You will have all winter to get the house in order. Blog when you can. Debbie

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I'm so happy for you that you are getting out of that condo. Hope this is the best place for you and that you can still get away to come down and enjoy the sunshine in AZ for a while this winter. :)

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